Gibberellin is suitable for the following crops: cotton, tomato, potato, fruit tree, rice, wheat, soybean, tobacco, etc., to promote their growth, germination, flowering and fruiting; It can stimulate the fruit growth, improve the seed setting rate, and significantly increase the yield of cotton, vegetables, melons and fruits, rice, green manure, etc.

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The Importance of Correct Dosing

When it comes to pest control, using the correct doses of insecticides and growth regulators is critical for effective results. Pyriproxyfen, a widely used insect growth regulator, has shown great promise in controlling and preventing insect infestation. However, to maximize its efficacy, knowing the correct dosage is key.


The dose of pyriproxyfen depends on the target pest and the area to be treated. For example, for mosquito control in stagnant water, the recommended dosage is 0.01 parts per million (ppm). In cockroach infestation, pyriproxyfen was applied at a concentration of 0.1%. It is crucial to follow label directions closely and consult a professional for exact dosage requirements.

Application Guidelines for Best Results

Once the proper dosage is known, it is equally important to understand the application process. Pyriproxyfen is available in various dosage forms such as aerosols, granules, sprays, and insect growth regulator (IGR) concentrates. Each formulation requires specific application techniques to ensure maximum efficacy.

When using pyriproxyfen, it is critical to apply it directly to the source of insect growth, such as breeding grounds and infested areas. To control mosquitoes, it is critical to treat standing water and areas prone to water accumulation. Impacting insect breeding grounds disrupts their life cycle and prevents further reproduction.

Pyriproxyfen must be applied evenly and thoroughly, ensuring complete coverage of the target area. Following the recommended treatment frequency (perhaps monthly to quarterly) will help maintain long-term pest control.


In summary, knowing the dosing and usage guidelines for pyriproxyfen is essential for effective pest control. By following recommended dosages and product label directions, you can prevent insect infestations and eliminate existing ones. Remember to consult a professional to determine the right dosage and application technique for your specific pest control needs. Using pyriproxyfen as a powerful insect growth regulator in your arsenal, you can effortlessly control pest problems and maintain a pest-free environment.