Company Profile

Part 1.

SHIJIAZHUANG AWINER BIOTECH CO.,LTD was founded in 2006 and engaged in the import and export of pesticide products. The company havs been committed to protecting food safety and helping farmers increase their cultivated land yield and incomes.

Part 2.

Main products include pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and other agricultural products.At present, we have exported to more than 70 countries around the world including South Korea, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Iran, Russia, Dubai, Mauritius, Egypt , Yemen and so on. In addition, we have set up heaps of branches in Nepal, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries to establish our own retailing network system, which has brought Chinese high-quality pesticide products and sophisticated pesticide technology to dealers and farmers in these areas. By reducing the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, it helps to improve the yield of agricultural products and increase the income of local farmers.At the same time, we have registered more than 100 products in some countries and regions. We are committed to building a high-quality Chinese brands of pesticide overseas.

Part 3.

Since 2014, the company has officially obtained the qualification of pesticide import and export, and transformed to do pesticide import and export business.Until this year, after the efforts of all colleagues, our company has maintained a high-speed growth in performance every year .In 2020, we have been officially listed as a joint-stock company in the stock exchange, which is a milestone in the development history of our company.

The Address of Leaders

Culture of Awiner Biotech Company: Built the small company into a big enterprise, Make every employee a shareholder! The company is a platform bearing the dream of every employee. Our employees work hard on this platform, give full play to their talents and creativity, realize the company’s development and personal value, and try their best to give back to the society.

Now is a new starting point for a new journey.We believe that with the help and support of all the government leaders and the joint efforts of all the employees, the development of Awiner Biotech Company will be getting better and better.We aspire to be an influential agrochemical company in the world.

To shoulder heavy responsibilities, we will kepp punching!

Company Certificate

300+ Customers Choose Awiner As Pesticide Supplier

customer 1

I have been a successful cotton grower for the past 12 years. But recently, late last July to be specific, I suffered a massive outbreak of bollworm in my cotton plantation. I combated them with some pesticides from the local store, but they could only limit the pest activities for a couple of days when they sprung back. It gave me a lot of headaches until someone recommended insecticide from Awiner to me. Initially, I was a bit skeptical as the brand is not that really popular around here. Since I applied Awiner’s insecticide, I have not noticed a single damage by bollworm on any of my cotton plants. Thanks to Awiner for rescuing my investment. I owe you guys a lot.

Wahid, cotton grower,Iran

I got a contract to supply agrochemical to Kenya as part of my country support to partnering developing countries. It was my biggest supply since I ventured into agro-allied business seven years ago and I upbeat to meet my client’s expectation. I made thorough research both online and offline. Surprisingly, Awiner Company had the highest recommendation. Although I have never heard about them then but I trusted my gut to give them a trial.  Whoever heads Awiner customer care department deserves a pay rise. They treated my order as the only one they ever supplied. The local farmers were surprised by the effectiveness of their chemicals. Thank you for helping to surpass my client’s expectations.

Mohamed Ahmed Ismael, Afghanistan trading company
customer 2

My name is John, and I run an agrochemical retail outlet. Awiner has been my agrochemical supplier for the past three years and never for once have any of my clients lodged a single complaint against their products. I would recommend them to all farmers and agrochemical stores.

John, retail, Italy

Our Advantage

Part 1. Quality Control

1.The company has complete agrochemical product inspection methods and advanced testing instruments: high-pressure liquid chromatography,
gas chromatography, laser particle size distribution analyzer, high-precision analytical balance, moisture analyzer, etc.,
inbound and outbound, batch analysis and detection coverage reaches 100%
2.We employ a professional packaging design team and experienced quality inspectors to meet customers’ various processing and
packaging needs with high standards.
3.The product indicators have reached or exceeded the standards of FAO and other countries, and have won unanimous favorable
comments from customers, providing a strong backing guarantee for customer development.
5、We accept SGS test for all products!

Part 2. Pre-shipment inspection


1.Check whether there are any carton damage, bottle leakage , etc.problems when the goods arrived at the port.
2.Check the cartons quantity to ensure no cartons missing.
3.Chech Whether the promotional products, gifts, samples, etc. that customers requeted are all loaded, no missing.
4.Check if there is any text or mark print on the carton that is not conducive to customer clearance or increase the risk of inspection.
Customer-specified third party inspection
1.SGS sampling for inspection before shipment
Substitute customers for port inspection
Based on self-checking
1.Prepare the high-resolution cellphone or camera.
2.Take photos then organize details to send to customers via email or communication tools.
3.Live mobile APPs can be used to call the customers video and broadcast the loading situation to the customer.

2、After-sales service

After the ship leaves
1. We will track the details for container regularly.
2. We will remind you in time before the ship arrives at the port
3. We will follow up if the goods are damaged or not in transit.
4. we will prepare a order summary for you, from we get your inquiry to order finished.

3、Summary Meeting

1.After the order completed, we will have a summary meeting, to sum up the experience, the problems encountered and customer’s special requirements, to prepare for the next cooperation.
2.All label designs and samples will be retained.
3.We are very grateful if the customer can put forward views and suggestions on this order and our service, point out the shortcomings, we will improve next time.

Look forward to the next cooperation if satisfied with our products and services

How to solve it if there is any problem with the goods.
1.Quality problem:
The customer shall provide the third party test report, meanwhile we will test the goods sample. If it is really something wrong with the quality such as content is not enough, our company is fully responsible.
2.Packing damage:
If there is a leakage problem when the customer picks up the goods at port, our company is responsible
The goods are delivered to the port for 15 days, and the packing are leaked, damaged, etc., our company is responsible
Please provide photos and video
(Please do not worry about the quality of our products, We have strict quality control and test system.  All goods will be tested before send out from factory.)