Your Premier Agrochemical Company :

  • Quality control— ISO& ICAMA certificated pesticide factory in China.

  • OEM/ODM service for pesticide importers, distributors, brands, and business.

  • Offering one-stop service from sampling, production, private labeling and shipping.

  • Various of pesticide formulations available (EC, SL,SC, WP,SG,WDG, EW, FS,ULV, etc).

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Problems You May Face or Have Faced

Common problems with other pesticides products manufacturing companies include:

  • Purchase process cover kinds of different pesticides product
  • No good communication during the total process
  • Do not know the up-to-date state
  • Nobody  behalf your benefit when something happens
  • Quality is no control system

Why  Us

Awiner offers the following key solutions to the pesticide industry:

  • One-stop solution for all pesticide requirements
  • 24/7 professional communicate
  • Strict quality control system, quality is life
  • Pesticides expert in crop protection industry for 10+years.
  • Free design pesticides label and accept customized packaging.
  • Fast delivery, Stable delivery time.
  • Weekly status report for everything under your control
  • Support the latest market trend and news

Who are You Connecting With

Someone who will benefit you in the future

Awiner is a professional agrochemical company. We stepped into the agriculture chemical industry in 2006.

As a professional pesticide supplier in China, our wide range of pesticide products use in plants and crops protection including insecticide, herbicides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

1.Strong in pesticide formulation and mixing.

Kinds of pesticides formulation and compound formulation to meet the customers’ requirement.Develop a variety of liquid formulations such as SC,SL,EC,FS,DF etc.High-content solid formulation include WDG,WP,SG,DK,TB etc. Both single product and compound formulation, our factory can make the best quality for you. And no matter which product you need, we will try our best to provide it.

2.ISO& ICAMA certificated pesticide factory.

Awiner moves on by producing and exporting agriculture pesticides and manufacture them by our own workshop or carefully picked by manufactuing partner. Our “little favor” turn out to be big and hot choice who are looking for good pesticides supplier.Awiner pays much attention to production process control .

3. We also have a strong advantage in all kinds of pesticide packing.

By rich export experience, we have customized large kinds of packages for the customers all over the world, we know the popular packing in your market very much,can give you professional suggestions. At the same time, if you have special packing requirements, we can also negotiate with the packing factory to make the most perfect size, type, color, material for you.

4.One-stop Pesticide solutions

We are not only a manufacturers but also in good connection with the leading agrochemicals companies in China.

When your purchase cover kinds of products, you do not need to talk to many factories of every product, we can be the bridge from you to every factory. You will save much time and energy.

We know much which factory has advantage on which product. And we purchase large quantity goods from them every year, so they always give us the best prices and give priority to our order in production, and their technicists give us strong support in Knowledge of plant protection and new product development. So you can get better price, faster delivery time and more professional product knowledge than the competitors in your market.

Whether you are wholesale, distributor, importer or other kinds of business owners. Awiner is the right place for you. We eager to work with you to provide agrochemicals and services that make you most competitive in your market.

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One-stop  Pesticide Company


Our History

In 2008 Starting to operate the pesticide export business

In 2009 Sent three qualified staffs to attend the MBA courses in China-Europe Management colleague; Expanding new market under the financial crisis

In 2010 The 《 Management System 》 goes to work officially, Awiner Biotech Enters the institutionalized management; Passed ISO9000 (International Trade) quality certification and SGS2008

In 2011 Invited to visit Ukraine and discussed with the minister of National Economy, as for agricultural comprehensive cooperation reached a framework agreement

In 2012 carry out“The process and quality of year”as the theme year of activity, In order to optimize the inner process and operating system; Set marketing plan and strategy for south America market with tremendous result

In 2014 Establish professional team to develop Africa market; Ranked as class “AA” in China Enterprise Credit Rating Evaluation


Our Mission

  • Provide the highest level and cost-effective products, while providing customers with the best quality of service.
  • We look forward to a long-term and pleasant cooperation with our new and old customers from all over the world!
  • To make customers trust the company, do make employees happy company








Agent around the world

We Offer The Best Services

Awiner is on its way to being the leading agrochemical company in the world.
We provide excellent customer and after-sales services, customized packaging according to the 
specific need of our customers.

Pesticide registration support

OEM/ODM services

Marketing campaign support

Award-winning customer support

Crop protection knowledge

300+ Customers Choose Awiner As Pesticide Supplier

customer 1

I have been a successful cotton grower for the past 12 years. But recently, late last July to be specific, I suffered a massive outbreak of bollworm in my cotton plantation. I combated them with some pesticides from the local store, but they could only limit the pest activities for a couple of days when they sprung back. It gave me a lot of headaches until someone recommended insecticide from Awiner to me. Initially, I was a bit skeptical as the brand is not that really popular around here. Since I applied Awiner’s insecticide, I have not noticed a single damage by bollworm on any of my cotton plants. Thanks to Awiner for rescuing my investment. I owe you guys a lot.

Wahid, cotton grower,Iran

I got a contract to supply agrochemical to Kenya as part of my country support to partnering developing countries. It was my biggest supply since I ventured into agro-allied business seven years ago and I upbeat to meet my client’s expectation. I made thorough research both online and offline. Surprisingly, Awiner Company had the highest recommendation. Although I have never heard about them then but I trusted my gut to give them a trial.  Whoever heads Awiner customer care department deserves a pay rise. They treated my order as the only one they ever supplied. The local farmers were surprised by the effectiveness of their chemicals. Thank you for helping to surpass my client’s expectations.

Mohamed Ahmed Ismael, Afghanistan trading company
customer 2

My name is John, and I run an agrochemical retail outlet. Awiner has been my agrochemical supplier for the past three years and never for once have any of my clients lodged a single complaint against their products. I would recommend them to all farmers and agrochemical stores.

John, retail, Italy
David-Awiner's manager

I am David. General manager of Awiner.

I grow up in a farm family.i konw what the farmers need.

Proving good quality  and suitable product for our customers is my aim.

John--Awiner's founder

I am John. Founder of Awiner.

I have in agrochemical dustry for more than 10 years.

I would like to share my experience in the field.