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  • trifluralin label

    Trifluralin herbicide

    Herbicide: Trifluralin

    • Chemical formula: C13H16F3N3O4
    • Formulations:97%TC,480g/L EC
    • CAS NO.:1582-09-8
    • Samples: Support samples
    • MOQ:1 ton

    Trifluralin is mainly used as a pre-emergent herbicide in dryland and can be used on cotton, soybeans and peas.

  • oxyfluorfen herbicide

    Oxyfluorfen herbicide

    Oxyfluorfen is a fluorophenyl ether herbicide. Its herbicidal activity is 5 to 10 times higher than that of the corresponding herbicidal ether. It is 16.32 times that of the herbicide.

  • Acetochlor sds

    Acetochlor herbicide

    Acetochlor is a widely used herbicide. The effective period of controlling weeds is longer. A single application can control the entire growth period without weed damage.

  • Nicosulfuron herbicide products

    Nicosulfuron herbicide products

    Nicosulfuron can control annual and perennial grass weeds and some broadleaf weeds.If you need this product.Please add my whatsapp+8615081107713

  • atrazine herbicide group

    Learn about atrazine herbicide

    Atrazine is a systemic selective pre-emergence and post-emergence blocking herbicide. Mainly absorbed by roots, with very little absorbed by stems and leaves. The herbicidal effect and selectivity are the same as simazine, and it is easily washed by rainwater into deeper layers of the soil. It is also effective against some deep-rooted grasses, but is prone to phytotoxicity. The shelf life is also longer.

  • mesotrione herbicide

    Mesotrione herbicide granular application

    When mesotrione inhibits the activity of PMP, plants cannot synthesize pigments normally. This causes plant leaves to turn yellow, wither, and die.

  • clethodim herbicide

    Clethodim 2e herbicide

    Clethodim can be used as a foliar spray or soil application. If you need to import various herbicides in large quantities, please contact us.

  • penoxsulam herbicide price

    Penoxsulam herbicide 25g/L OD

    Penoxsulam is a broad-spectrum herbicide used in rice fields. It can effectively control barnyard grass and annual sedge weeds. It is also effective against many broadleaf weeds, such as Heteranthera limosa, Eclipta prostrata, Sesbania exaltata, Commelina diffusa, Monochoria vaginalis, etc.

  • bispyribac sodium dose in rice

    Bispyribac sodium dose in rice herbicide

    Bispyribac sodium dose in rice belongs to the pyrimidine-salicylic acid herbicides. Is a highly active acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor. Weed stems and leaves absorb it quickly and spread it throughout the plant. Inhibits plant meristem growth, thereby killing weeds. Highly effective, broad spectrum, and extremely low dosage.

  • thifensulfuron methyl label

    Thifensulfuron-methyl herbicide

    Thifensulfuron is a selective post-emergence stem and leaf treatment agent. It is a systemic post-emergence selective herbicide. But what does thifensulfuron do? Many people don’t know what kind of weeds thifensulfuron-furon can kill.

  • clodinafop-propargyl herbicide

    Clodinafop propargyl technical 15 wp

    Clodinafop propargyl technical 15 wp is an organic compound. The chemical formula is C17H13ClFNO4.If you need please contact me.

  • bentazone herbicide

    Bentazone herbicide 480 g/l sl

    Bentazone is a contact herbicide. Control the genus Chamomile and Matricaria in winter and spring cereal crops. This product can also remove weeds in soybeans, corn, peas, and rice fields.

  • cyhalofop-butyl 10 ec

    Cyhalofop-butyl 10 ec herbicide 10 ec

    Cyhalofop-butyl is the only herbicide that is highly safe for rice. Like other varieties in this category, it is also a systemic conductive herbicide. It travels in the leaves and leaf sheaths of plants and conducts in the phloem.

  • metribuzin 75

    Metribuzin herbicide dose

    How to use Metribuzin Crops adapted to Metribuzin Sugar cane, soybeans, potatoes, and coffee are suitable for Metribuzin. Due to the poor safety of soybean drug resistance at the seedling stage, Metribuzin is only suitable for pre-germination treatment of soybeans. Excessive dosage of pesticides, poor drainage in low-lying areas, stagnant water in fields, high humidity…

  • prometryn label

    Prometryn herbicide

    Prometryn herbicide is poorly soluble in water and easily soluble in organic solvents. A systemic selective herbicide. It can move freely among the roots, stems and leaves. It has the best control effect on newly germinated weeds and has a broad spectrum of weed killing. Can control annual grass weeds and broadleaf weeds. Prometryn is suitable for cotton, soybeans, wheat and peanuts.