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  • Imazamox herbicide labelImazamox herbicide label

    Imazamox aquatic herbicide buy

    Imazamox is an imidazolinone herbicide variety. Absorbed, transmitted and accumulated in the meristem through leaves.

  • Florasulam herbicidemetsulfuron methyl herbicide wdg

    Florasulam herbicide 5% SC WDG 98% TC

    Florasulam herbicide is a triazolopyrimidine sulfonamide herbicide. It is a typical acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor. By inhibiting acetolactate synthase in plants. Hinders the biosynthesis of side chain amino acids such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Cell division is inhibited, the normal growth of weeds is destroyed and the weeds die.

  • metsulfuron-methylmetsulfuron-methyl

    Metsulfuron methyl herbicide wdg

    Metsulfuron-methyl is a chemical substance with the molecular formula C14H15N5O6S. This product is a highly active, broad-spectrum, selective systemic herbicide for wheat fields.

  • haloxyfop-p-ethylhaloxyfop-p-methyl trade name

    Haloxyfop-p-methyl uses

    Haloxyfop-p-ethyl is a systemic conduction selective herbicide. It has a very good effect on many vicious weeds. Farmers use it regularly. Let’s learn how to use high-efficiency flufenacetate.

  • trifluralin herbicidetrifluralin 10g

    Herbicide trifluralin

    The herbicide trifluralin is suitable as a pre-emergent herbicide in drylands. Can be used in cotton and soybean fields. Trifluralin can remove monocotyledonous weeds and annual broadleaf weeds in cotton and other fields.

  • Fomesafenfomesafen label

    Soybean herbicide-fomesafen

    Fomesafen selective herbicide is mainly used in soybean fields to control broadleaf weeds and is extremely effective. It is used before and after soybean emergence and is quickly absorbed by the leaves of weeds.

  • rimsulfuron 25df herbiciderimsulfuron herbicide label

    Rimsulfuron 25df herbicide

    Rimsulfuron is a sulfonylurea herbicide and branched-chain amino acid synthesis inhibitor. Selective post-emergent herbicide. Suitable for corn fields.

  • oxadiazon 2g herbicideoxadiazon sc

    Oxadiazon pre emergent

    Oxadiazon pre-emergent used to control a variety of annual monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds. It is suitable for weeding in paddy fields, and is also effective on peanuts, cotton, sugar cane, etc. in dry fields.

  • pendimethalin herbicidependimethalin herbicide label

    Pendimethalin Products

    What crops is Pendimethalin Products suitable for? Pendimethalin Products is a selective pre-emergence and post-emergence upland soil treatment herbicide. Has broad spectrum herbicidal activity. It has good control effect on broadleaf weeds and grass weeds. It is suitable for corn, potato, rice, cotton, soybean, tobacco, peanut, sunflower fields. Can remove many types of weeds. Such…

  • diuron herbicide for pondsdiuron 80df herbicide label

    Diuron herbicide in sugarcane

    Diuron as a sugarcane flowering promoter, spray the sugarcane flowers at 500~1000mg/L in the early stage of flowering.If you need please contact me.

  • glyphosate herbicide priceglyphosate herbicide label

    Glyphosate herbicide

    Weeds compete for water and fertilizer, occupy the upper soil space, and spread the eggs of harmful pathogens and insects. This results in an increase in field management costs, a decrease in crop quality, and affects human health.

  • glufosinate ammonium priceglufosinate-ammonium 200 sl yonon

    Glufosinate-ammonium 200 sl

    Glufosinate-ammonium, usually sold as ammonium salt. It is a naturally occurring broad-spectrum herbicide. Produced by several species of Streptomyces soil bacteria. Glufosinate ammonium salt is a non-selective, contact herbicide with certain systemic effects. Plants can also metabolize another naturally occurring herbicide, bialaphos, directly to glufosinate.

  • bensulfuron methyl 60 dfrimsulfuron herbicide label

    Bensulfuron-methyl herbicide

    Bensulfuron-methyl is a selective systemic herbicide. Suitable for controlling annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and sedges in rice fields.

  • tribenuron methyl herbicide labeltribenuron-methyl herbicide

    Tribenuron-methyl herbicide

    Tribenuron-methyl herbicide is a sulfonylurea wheat herbicide developed and marketed by an American company in the 1980s.

  • 2 4-d weed killer vs roundup2 4-d herbicide

    2,4-D weed killer mixing instructions

    Glyphosate plus 2.4D. Mixing the two increases the effectiveness of the medicine and speeds up weeding. But it also increases the risk of phytotoxicity caused by drift. Be careful when using it. Let’s look at the three pesticides: glyphosate, 2.4D, and mixed formulations respectively.

  • fosthiazate 10% grfosthiazate 10 gr label

    Fosthiazate 10% gr

    Fosthiazate is an organophosphorus nematicide. Its main mode of action is to inhibit the synthesis of acetylcholinesterase in root-knot nematodes. It can control various root-knot nematodes.

  • Dicamba has a systemic conduction effect and has significant control effects on annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds.Post-emergence spraying, the agent is absorbed through the stems, leaves, and roots of the weed, and conducts up and down through the phloem and xylem, hindering the normal activity of plant hormones and causing them to die.

    Dicamba is often mixed with 2.4-D

    Features of Dicamba: Dicamba has a systemic conduction effect and has significant control effects on annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds. Post-emergence spraying, the agent is absorbed through the stems, leaves, and roots of the weed, and conducts up and down through the phloem and xylem, hindering the normal activity of plant hormones and causing them…

  • Glyphosate herbicides are available in various formulationsAwiner has the ability to process various formulations of glyphosate herbicides

    List of glyphosate herbicides

    Glyphosate herbicides is a non-selective, non-residual herbicide that kills green tissues only after contact with it. Because various weeds have different sensitivities to glyphosate, the dosage varies.

  • Pendimethalin PackagingPendimethalin carton weighing

    Where to buy Pendimethalin herbicide online

    Pendimethalin is primarily used as a pre-emergence herbicide, meaning it is applied before the weed seeds germinate. By creating a protective barrier on the soil surface, it prevents the growth of grasses and broadleaf weeds, giving your plants the space, nutrients and sunlight they need to thrive without competition. Its selective nature ensures that it only targets weeds while leaving your desired plants unaffected.

  • Herbicide paraquat

    Paraquat: A Versatile Herbicide for Effective Weed Control

    Paraquat is widely known for its outstanding performance in weed control. Its mode of action is a quick and lethal contact, which means it kills the plants it comes into contact with. Paraquat destroys the cell membranes of plants, leading to wilting and death within a matter of days.

  • glyphosateCustom glyphosate

    Glyphosate Product Varieties for Effective Weed Control

    This is where Awiner’s glyphosate comes into play. We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line custom glyphosate product solutions to meet the unique needs of each farmer. Whether you are a small grower or a large commercial farm, our products are designed to help you achieve maximum efficiency and success in your farming activities.

  • 2,4-D Chinese manufacturer

    2,4-D: Effective systemic herbicide

    We are pleased to launch our new product 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, a highly potent and selective herbicide. With its powerful weed control capabilities, this innovative solution will revolutionize the way farmers maintain their crops .