Pesticide product
Pesticide product

Awiner Biotech Ltd. is a provider of agricultural pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulators. More

Crop Protection
Crop Protection

Here, Awiner will provide you with knowledge and skills in crop protection and pest and weed control. More


Awiner is able to provide customers with various certificates, including ISO, SGS and other certificates. More

one-stop shopping pesticides
One-stop Shopping

Awiner provides customers with one-stop pesticide procurement services, from packaging design to transportation. More


Show the factory production process and sample showroom. Use video to show customers the real Awiner Biotech More

About us

Awiner Biotech was founded in 2006,located in north of China-Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.We are committed to research,produce and distribute agrochemicals.Mainly deal with pesticides, herbicides,fungicides,plant growth regulator and public health pesticides. More