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With over 15 years of experience in serving agricultural pesticide importers and brands, Awiner continues to be a leading supplier and manufacturer  of chemical / organic pesticides and other crop protection products worldwide.

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As a leading agrochemical and pesticide supplier, Awiner is backed by extensive experience in supplying high-quality herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators at competitive price. We produce a variety of liquid and solid pesticide formulations and is backed by a team of professional and highly efficient experts to handle all your pesticide requirements from China. Whether you are an existing customer or a prospective client, just ask for a quick quote, and we shall be available online 24/7 to support your business.

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Why 300+ Clients Choose Awiner as Pesticide Supplier

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Our main goal is to help grow your business by providing you with a better pesticide purchase process.

  • We receive your detailed requirement.
  • We decide the labels for you.
  • We follow through and make sure to satisfy all your packaging requirements.
  • Complete and thorough inspections are performed at each step of the ordering process before the goods are delivered.
  • Prompt completion of orders and professional follow-ups are done during the entire process.
  • We provide and update you with weekly status reports so that you are assured that everything is under control.
  • We guarantee safe and timely shipment of your orders.
  • You will also be given copies of documents and all the loading pictures.
  • After sales service is also provided to ensure that you get a completely pleasant buying experience with us.
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Awiner. Providing High-Quality Agrochemical Products from China

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    We’re an agrochemical company in Afghanistan, we mainly import insecticides, fungicides, herbicides from China, we started to cooperate with Awiner last year, Awiner is the best pesticide supplier, their pesticide price is very competitive and the service is the best, we appreciate their work. With them, sourcing different kind of pesticides seems to be an easy work.
    Mohamed Ahmed Ismael, A Afghanistan trading company
    We import emamectin benzoate, acetamiprid and other pesticide products from Awiner for 3 years. Our pesticide supplier Awiner is a good partner. They are very professional and patient, after we inform them the new order, they will reply with the pesticide price in time and give us the schedule.
    R. Chavez,A customer who from South America