Spirodiclofen insecticide features:

1.Spirodiclofen insecticide  New structure and unique mechanism of action: the active ingredient of spirodiclofen is tetraketofen, and the mechanism of action is to inhibit the fat synthesis in harmful mites. It has no cross-resistance with existing acaricides and is suitable for controlling harmful mites that are resistant to existing acaricides.

2. Wide acaricidal spectrum and strong adaptability: acarids have good control effects on spider miteapepper and tomato. In addition, Mite Dangerous has a very good control effect on pests such as pear psyllid, elm oyster scale and leafhopper.

3. Kill both eggs and young: the effect of killing eggs is particularly excellent, and it also has a good contact killing effect on young nymphs. Although mite danger cannot kill female adult mites quickly, it has a good sterilization effect on female adult mites. 96% of the eggs laid by female adult mites could not hatch and died in the late embryonic stage after being exposed to the pesticide.

4. Long duration: spirodiclofen has a long duration. After spirodiclofen is applied to the leaves of crops, it is resistant to rain erosion, and the normal performance of the drug effect will not be affected by moderate rain after 2 hours of spraying.

5. Low toxicity, low residue, good safety. It is very safe to crops under different temperature conditions, safe to humans, animals and crops, and has low toxicity. Suitable for pollution-free production.

6. No mutual resistance: It can be mixed and used with most pesticides (except strong basic pesticides and copper preparations). Mixing with other acaricides with different action mechanisms can not only improve the quick effect of spirodiclofen, but also facilitate the control of mite resistance.

Spirodifen supports packaging customization

Application method ——spirodiclofen insecticide:

1. Uniform spraying:

This product controls eggs, nymphs and adult females of harmful mites through contact killing, and has no systemic properties. The opposite sides and the surface of the fruit can maximize its medicinal effect.

2. Application time:

To prevent and control Panonychus citrus, it is recommended to apply it in the early stage of pest mite damage, so as to give full play to the characteristics of long duration of mite danger.

⑴ Medication plan 1 in spring:

When the damage of spider mites reaches the control index, can control spider mite  for about 50 days.

⑵ Medication plan 2 in spring:

For example,use spirodiclofen 1-2 times, and use about 34% for the first time. Ten days after May, spray once with 4000-5000 times of spirodiclofen suspension. It can control spider mites and yellow spiders for about 50 days.

⑶ Medication in autumn:

According to the damage of mites, 34% spirodiclofen  sprays again or mixed with other pesticides to control citrus pests.