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As an oxadiazine pesticide, Indoxacarb is an ideal product to stock in your home. It sells under various names and has distinct properties that enhance its functions. Indoxacarb is also an active ingredient which offers excellent results if combined with multiple compounds. Note that, safety precautions apply when it comes to using the product since Indoxacarb poisoning is unpleasant especially to humans and the environment as well. However, the product has diverse uses, and it controls a number of pests.


What Should You Know?

One significant fact you should be aware of is that Indoxacarb sells under various trade names including Tornado, Steward Insecticide, Avaunt, Avatar, Rumo, Avent, Advion, and etcetera. You can also come across some of its synonyms like DPX-MP062, CHEBI:38630 or UNII-520D26MWR among others.


How Does It Work?

Indoxacarb’s mode of action begins when targeted insects ingest or come into contact with the compound. The pests usually consume the chemical from treated foliage or fruits. Once in their system, it disrupts the flow of sodium elements to the nerve cells. As a result, the insect’s mobility functions slow down to a point where it cannot feed. Due to the impaired nerve system, pests become paralysed and eventually die from both hunger and Indoxacarb poisoning. The chemical compound does not work immediately, but after a few days, the insect dies.


What Are Some Of Its Properties?

Indoxacarb is synthetic and comes in wettable granules. It is also soluble in water, and its application mode is via spray. Its solubility also extends to octanol, methanol, acetonitrile, and acetone. The product has traces of carbon and racemic compounds. You can recognise it from its white powder-like form.


Indoxacarb Adverse Effects

The product’s toxic levels are not as alarming as other powerful ingredients because it is permitted for domestic purposes. It is not cancerous and has no known effects on mutation, reproductive system, or the development process. However, on fatal doses, Indoxacarb can disrupt the nervous system, and the most susceptible victims are children and infants. Adults may experience the following symptoms upon exposure: eye and skin irritation, nausea, dizziness, headache, and fatigue. In severe cases, the chemical stimulates hypersensitivity, wheezing, and asthma. Acute toxic exposure is notable after 24 to 72 hours while chronic takes less time to manifest.


Did You Know That Indoxacarb Blends Well With Other Compounds?

Well, now you know. A combination of two powerful ingredients achieves what a single product can, and with both Acetamiprid and Indoxacarb, the outcome is unimaginable. You can mix 14.5 % of Indoxacarb and 7.7% of Acetamiprid and obtain a quality mix that becomes hygienically processed. The bioefficacy of this mixture eliminates sucking insects as well as fruit borers on a long term basis. Even Novaluron+Indoxacarb produce a powerful blend for protecting your tomatoes and other crops. The product’s super active effect on pests makes it a suitable insecticide for a wide range of harmful organisms.



Indoxacarb Toxicity

The ingredient’s toxic levels depend on chemicals combined but according to the EPA; it has low-toxicity. The percentage differs from one product to another. However, Indoxacarb gets classified under the non-carcinogenic chemical compounds. Research carried out using lab tests shows that on high doses, the ingredient is highly poisonous. Some reproductive and development issues have become identified, but the results are inconclusive. Indoxacarb’s toxicity to humans has yet to become categorised. However, suicide attempt cases using the product show that the chemical is harmful to red blood cells. Apparently, it disrupts oxygen exchange among organs which can be fatal if left untreated.


What Is Indoxacarb Used For?

The product serves as an effective insecticide for agricultural and household purposes. Even the products containing this ingredient protect many crops against sucking insects. Plants that benefit from Indoxacarb include apples, wet pomace, pear, brassica, cotton and it’s by-products, lettuce, vegetables, and corn. Treatment can be applied during fruiting or when applying seedling. The application rate depends on the type of crop.


Indoxacarb For Cats And Dogs

On domestic purposes, the product should become used cautiously. Dogs and cats are given the recommended dosage which becomes usually set at eight times (maximum) with four weeks intervals. Eight weeks old puppies and kittens should receive treatment six times the recommended dosage after every two weeks. Remember that if you exceed the dosage, the animals can die and most especially the young ones. Signs of overdose to observe include drooling, depression, abnormal movements, and head tilting. If you see your pet showing the inability to stand or being weak, he/she has taken an overdose as well.


Where Can You Get Indoxacarb?

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