Name: Abamectin
CAS  No.: 65195-55-3
Tech Grade: 95%TC
Formulation: 0.5% GR,5% WP,1.8%EC,3.6%EC,18g L EC
Delivery: 40-45 Day
Certification: SGS, ISO9001


Spider mites pesticide

Spider mites are arguably the most difficult to control. Farmers are the biggest headache. Spider mites have a large reproduction coefficient and a fast reproduction rate. Many agents have a certain degree of resistance. Sometimes, there are four forms of eggs, young mites, nymphs, and adult mites on the same leaf. This makes prevention and control even more difficult.

Among the pharmaceuticals used to control red spider mites, abamectin is a commonly used pharmaceutical. Different dosage forms and different contents will have greatly different effects on the control of spider mites.

Abamectin is a relatively broad-spectrum pesticide. Since entering the market, it has been loved by many farmers. Abamectin is not only an insecticide, but also an acaricide and a nematicide. It can be used in a wide range of ways, including foliar spraying and root flushing, and is cost-effective.

Abamectin insecticide dosage

1.Abamectin 10%SC
2.Abamectin 5% EC
3. Abamectin 1.8 ec dosage.

Abamectin dosage forms



Use it in conjunction with the growth cycle and time of crops. Pay special attention when using emulsifiable butter during high temperature periods. Avoid the occurrence of drug hazards.

Abamectin can be used to kill root-knot nematodes. Control soil root-knot nematodes. Usually abamectin and thiazophosphate are mixed together. Not effective alone.

As the use of pesticides increases, resistance to abamectin has also developed. When using insecticides and acaricides. Abamectin alone is not recommended. To be used in combination with other medicines.

How to use abamectin

  1. Abamectin 1.8 ec dosage+ethobazole
  2. Abamectin + spirodiclofen
  3. Abamectin+thiazolephosphonate
  4. Abamectin+biphenylhydrazine
  5. Abamectin+emamectin salt
  6. Abamectin+spirotetramatabamectin + acaronitrile, etc.