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  • Pyridaben is a broad-spectrum contact acaricide12 bottles per case

    Pyridaben – the nemesis of mites is here

    Pyridaben is a widely used pesticide, popular for its highly effective broad-spectrum acaricide. This non-systemic insecticide is very effective in controlling a variety of herbivorous mites, including spider mites, pana mites, claw mites and gall mites. It clearly controls eggs, nymphs and adults, making it an excellent solution for all stages of a mite infestation. In addition, pyridaben has  to be effective in controlling the migratory stage of adult mites.

  • Pymetrozine has excellent selectivity, and is almost harmless to some important natural enemies or beneficial insects, such as the natural enemy of cotton bollworm, seven-spot ladybug, common lacewing, leafhopper and natural enemy spider of planthopper family.To control vegetable aphids and greenhouse whitefly, use 5 grams per mu; to control wheat aphids, use 50% pymetrozine WDG5-10 grams per mu; to control rice planthoppers and leafhoppers, use 50% pymetrozine WDG15-20 grams per mu

    Pymetrozine Mechanism of Action

    Pymetrozine has contact and systemic activity, exerts its effects through direct contact with pests, andtransports within plants through xylem and phloem. This unique property allows it to use as a foliar spray and soil treatment for versatile protection of plants.

  • Different rat poisons have different characteristics, please choose according to the characteristics of the regionThis drug is a broad-spectrum high-efficiency anticoagulant rodenticide, and its performance is to inhibit the formation of the coagulogen necessary for blood coagulation, and then cause poisoning and bleeding.

    Brodifacoum Rodenticide – An Effective Rodent Kill Rats

    Brodifacoum rodenticide is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum anticoagulant rodenticide, which can effectively control a variety of rodents. Its mechanism of action lies in its ability to inhibit the formation of coagulogen, which is required for blood clotting, causing poisoning and hemorrhage in rodents. The excellent palatability of this potent drug ensured that rats consumed it without hesitation.

  • Imidacloprid aluminum foilImidacloprid can be customized packaging

    Imidacloprid: The Ultimate Pest Control Solution

    Imidacloprid is versatile and effective on a wide variety of crops including rice, wheat, corn, cotton, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets and fruit trees. Its excellent systemic properties make it particularly suitable for seed treatment and granular application.

  • tricosenefly bait

    Thiamethoxam and tricosene compound for fly killing

    The product is a combination of 1% thiamethoxam and 0.1% tricosene bait granules specifically formulated to combat and keep flies away.

  • Flyicide Insecticidesmall package

    Acetamiprid fly bait capable of killing flies

    Fly bait with strong attraction to flies Our fly bait is formulated with acetamiprid, a highly effective fly killing ingredient. By utilizing the contact and stomach toxicity properties of acetamiprid, our baits can be deadly weapons against flies. But what’s unique about our product is the addition of brown sugar, flour, fish powder and fresh…

  • Diflubenzuron WP50%wp

    Diflubenzuron: A Potent, Low Toxic Insecticide

    In the world of pest control, finding the perfect balance between effectiveness and safety is crucial. The insecticide known as diflubenzuron manages to achieve just that. Belonging to the benzoyl group, diflubenzuron is a specific low-toxicity insecticide that has garnered attention for its unique characteristics and impressive results.

  • plastic bottleMalathion liquid

    Malathion EC: A Safe Crop Protection Insecticide

    Malathion has strong contact, stomach poisoning and fumigating effects。It is an excellent choice for controlling pests in vegetables, fruit trees and food crops. It is effective against chewing mouthparts pests such as caterpillars and beetles, as well as piercing-sucking pests such as aphids and mites.

  • Malathion 50%WPmalathion insecticide

    Malathion: Versatile Insecticide and Acaricide

    Malathion is a highly effective insecticide and acaricide, providing a wide range of pest control solutions. This particular product is not only suitable for rice, wheat and cotton crops, but also indispensable for dealing with pests in vegetables, fruit trees, tea gardens and warehouses. Its excellent properties, including low toxicity and short residual effects, make it ideal for numerous applications.

  • Methomyl 40%SPMethomyl insecticide

    Methomyl: Kill a Wide Range of Insects

    Methomyl is a revolutionary insecticide specially formulated to effectively destroy a wide range of pests. With its broad-spectrum action, Medox is fast and effective against aphids, bollworms and other troublesome insects that infest crops. Whether you are dealing with grains, cotton, vegetables, tobacco, fruit or any other type of crop, Methomyl provides you with comprehensive solutions to protect your plants and increase their productivity.

  • chlorpyrifos Professionally kill pests on crops and help farmers increase productionLiquid Pesticide Details

    Chlorpyrifos: advanced pest control pesticide

    Introducing our new product, Chlorpyrifos, an effective phosphorothioate insecticide with multiple applications. This powerful insecticide boasts contact, stomach poisoning, and fumigating effects, making it a versatile solution for pest control.

  • Introduction of Awiner Custom PesticidesAcetamiprid sample

    Acetamiprid Insecticide – Awiner’s main product

    Acetamiprid, a new type of pyridine insecticide, is a highly effective solution for the control of various pests. With its stomach toxicity, contact killing capability, and strong penetration power, acetamiprid demonstrates an exceptional ability to combat insects. This incredible insecticidal power acts quickly, providing immediate relief from infestations, while also offering a long residual effect period.

  • insecticideliquid

    A Powerful Tool for Controlling Plant Mites-Pyridaben ec

    Pyridaben ec Insecticide is a highly effective and versatile solution for controlling a wide variety of plant-feeding mites. With its broad-spectrum and contact acaricidal properties, the product provides excellent results throughout the life cycle of mites including eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults.

  • Pyridabenwp

    Pyridaben: Powerful Pest Control Solution

    Pyridaben is an excellent insecticide, a broad-spectrum, contact acaricide that is effective in controlling a variety of plant-feeding mites. Its versatility allows successful management throughout the mite’s growth stages, targeting eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults. Furthermore, it has a remarkably fast killing effect on adult mites, even in their mobile stages.

  • etoxazole insecticidepackaging

    Superior Pest Management: Etoxazole Insecticide

    Etoxazole is a powerful weapon against mite infestations, effectively inhibiting the formation of mite eggs and disrupting the moulting process from larvae to adult mites. This innovative product specifically targets and eliminates mite eggs and larvae, while also exerting a strong effect on female adult mites, ensuring their sterility.

  • pyriproxyfen pesticideDetails

    Pyriproxyfen suppliers and availability

    When sourcing agricultural inputs, having reliable suppliers is crucial. Among the many aspects to consider, availability remains a key factor in ensuring a seamless supply chain. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of choosing Awiner as your trusted pyriproxyfen supplier, emphasizing their commitment to effectively meet your availability needs.

  • insecticideCarton

    Dosage and application of pyriproxyfen

    Gibberellin is suitable for the following crops: cotton, tomato, potato, fruit tree, rice, wheat, soybean, tobacco, etc., to promote their growth, germination, flowering and fruiting; It can stimulate the fruit growth, improve the seed setting rate, and significantly increase the yield of cotton, vegetables, melons and fruits, rice, green manure, etc.

  • beta-cyfluthrincyfluthrin

    Discover the efficacy of cyfluthrin – get 3 must-have results

    Cyfluthrin is a powerful insecticide that belongs to the class of pyrethroid chemicals. It is known and trusted for its ability to control many types of insects including spiders and more.

  • DichlorvosDichlorvos

    Dichlorvos DDVP insecticide and acaricide

    Dichlorvos is a revolutionary insecticide and acaricide with excellent efficacy against a wide range of pest problems. This powerful product combines contact kill, stomach poison and fumigant action to ensure maximum pest control efficiency. With its excellent performance and unique attributes, Dichlorvos surpasses traditional similar products on the market, especially Trichlorfon.

  • Abamectin and etoxazole

    Abamectin compound-abamectin and etoxazole

    Abamectin compound is a widely used insecticide and acaricide that has proved effective against a range of pests. When combined with other compounds such as etoxazole and spirodiclofen, abamectin exhibits various functions and enhanced efficacy.

  • abamectin

    Abamectin 1.8 ec 95 tc sc 18 % abamect 5%

    We can provide you with various contents and packages of Abamectin. Abamectin is mainly used to kill mites and spider mites in farmland and fruit trees.