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Thiamethoxam (CAS No. 153719-23-4) is an neonicotinoid systemic insecticide with contact and stomach activity.

  1. The pesticide property will not be slipped after washing out by rain.
  2. High content and good strorage stability.
  3. Easy to use, and good control effect.
  4. Application dosage is only 1% to 2% of the dosage of common insecticides.
  5. The product is enviromental, safety to crops.
  6. The product has good effect in both prevetion and insecticidal action.

For control of aphids, whiteflies, thrips, ricehoppers, ricebugs, mealybugs, white grubs, Colorado potato beetle,

flea beetles, wireworms, ground beetles,

leaf miners and some lepidopterous species, at application rates from 10 to 200 g/ha (R. Senn et al., loc. cit.).

Major crops for foliar and soil treatments are cole crops,

leafy and fruity vegetables, potatoes, rice, cotton, deciduous fruit, coffee, citrus, tobacco and soya beans;

for seed treatment use, maize, sorghum, cereals, sugar beet,

oilseed rape, cotton, peas, beans, sunflowers, rice and potatoes. Also for control of flies

(such as Musca domestica, Fannia canicularis and Drosophila spp.) in animal and public health.

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