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Why Use Lambda-Cyhalothrin?

Get yourself one of Awiner’s unique selections of synthetic compounds like Lambda-Cyhalothrin. As a pyrethroid, the product has traces of pyrethrin – an insecticide known for having powerful effects on targeted organisms.


What Are Some Of The Lambda-Cyhalothrin’s Products/ Trade Names?

As an active ingredient, Lambda-Cyhalothrin is present in a wide range of popular products such as Demand CS, Equil Lambda 9.7, Demand G Granules, and Cyzmic CS. Other items include Chemsico, Grenade ER Premise, Karate Insecticide, Olive Fly Attract and kill Target Device, Saber Extra, and Scimitar. The list is endless because it has quite a selection including Spectracide Fire and Warrior brands of insecticides. You will also find Lambda-Cyhalothrin under these trade names; Excaliber, Matador, Saber, Samurai, and Hallmark. If you come across Icon, OMS 0321, Sentinel, and PP321, then you are on the right track. If you are also unsure which product to purchase, ask Awiner: our teams are always ready with the correct information.



What Is Lambda-Cyhalothrin Used For?

Lambda-Cyhalothrin is used to control a series of pests like Thrips, caterpillars, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, Aphids and butterfly larvae. It is also useful in eradicating Colorado beetles. Application is mainly done on cotton, potatoes, hops, cereals, and vegetables. Treatment is also suitable for ornamentals at the recommended dosage. Aside from agricultural purposes, you can use Lambda-Cyhalothrin for domestic functions like eliminating bedbugs. The product also acts as an ideal treatment for cats (in low dosage).


What Are Some Of Its Properties?

Lambda-Cyhalothrin has a repellant that keeps insects at bay. Its toxicity level depends on the application process, protection measures adopted as well as the dosage used. Note that, Lambda-Cyhalothrin is highly poisonous to mammals, aquatic life, and honey bees. Do not use excess amounts unless you live away from populated areas. The product has low solubility in water, but it is relatively volatile. It does not leach into the ground


What Is Lambda-Cyhalothrin’s Mode Of Action?

The ingredient travels to the nervous system where it disrupts the normal functioning of an insect. The most affected area is mobility which stops pests from damaging crops or feeding on people. Once paralysis sets it, the targeted organism succumbs to Lambda-Cyhalothrin’s toxic level hence death. Some of them even die from hunger. The compound affects both outdoor and indoor organisms when they come into contact or eat its chemicals. Furthermore, scientists have included a repelling ingredient that keeps pests away from your home and plantation. Ideally, all pyrethrins including our product attack an insect’s nervous system and within a few hours to days, the pest dies.


Lambda-Cyhalothrin Toxicity

The product’s level of toxic depends on formulations and exposure route. Orally, the chemical is moderately toxic but if inhaled, the toxicity increases. Mammals react to Lambda-Cyhalothrin exposure in various ways. Some experience eye and skin irritation while others do not. The case is, however, different in high doses. The toxic level at this rate renders effected individuals uncomfortable while manifesting signs of respiratory and neural conditions. Humans exposed to Lambda-Cyhalothrin experience a burning sensation and tingling. People with these symptoms usually handle technical grade or concentrated amounts of Lambda-Cyhalothrin. Any exposure to pyrethroid causes dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headache, and anorexia. For severe poisoning, seizures may occur as well as coma.


Lambda-Cyhalothrin Dosage

Like every other insecticide, Lambda-Cyhalothrin has the recommended dosage. Whether you are using it for household or agricultural purposes, the labelled rules apply. Follow instructions as shown by the manufacturers. Do not create your own doses or use untested mixtures. Researchers advise users to seek professional help and, therefore if you are unsure about the dosage, ask Awiner. We are equipped to offer assistance in many ways including providing samples whenever necessary.


How Can You Avoid Exposure?

Wear protective gear while handling Lambda-Cyhalothrin to keep the contents away from your eyes, skin, and respiratory and digestive track. Proper ventilation is also recommended in dusty environments. After treatment, clean your hand gloves, overall, respirator, and footwear thoroughly. Also, wash your clothes separately and shower if necessary. Do not let residuals dry on your skin because immediate effects do not emerge immediately.


Where Can You Get Lambda-Cyhalothrin At Reasonable Rates?

Choose Awiner’s competitively priced products whose quality matches international standards. We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of agrochemicals across China. Based on our portfolio, we have the right experience for your needs. Our Lambda-Cyhalothrin comes highly recommended accompanied by our award-winning customer services. We invite you to try out more of our products and have a lifetime experience. We pay close attention to details and, therefore, any particulars you send to use become our first priority.

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