World Agrochemical Network Chinese website report: Corteva recently reported that its Naturalure® (spinosad) fruit fly concentrated insect trap has become the first choice for fruit fly control in fruit trees and grape crops across Australia.

Spinosad widely used in Australia’s citrus fields

According to Corteva Customer Technical Specialist Chris Brown, Naturalure® is a comprehensive combination attractant that contains humectants, attractants and spinosad (the active ingredient in Qalcova active). Naturalure® is easy and efficient to use and is widely used in Australia. The product is also certified organic and can be used in organic production. The product remains active even in hot conditions.

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When Naturalure® is applied, it should be sprayed in a strip or a series of dots under the crop, requiring only the addition of water without any other additives. The most common application of the product on citrus, pome fruit, stone fruit or grapes is 1 liter of Naturalure® mixed with 6.5 liters of water per hectare. Also, heavy rain or irrigation can wash the agent off the leaves, so weather conditions should be considered when applying. A vineyard or orchard will be protected when rotating Naturalure®, requiring only a weekly application. Using this product at borders also provides additional protection.

Helping Citrus Fight Pests

Fruit flies are now found throughout Australia. Drosophila control is required every planting season. Ignoring fruit flies may lead to unsold fruits. Naturalure ® It is an excellent choice for controlling fruit flies. Compared to other products, it has many advantages, including the number of applications. Some products need to be used every three days while Naturalure ® It only needs to be applied alternately every seven to ten days. It is recommended to apply it every other row of crops.nd after 7 to 10 days, apply it to the next row. This product can still continue to function in the previously applied position.

Controlling fruit flies is the guarantee of high yield of citrus

Naturalure® is extremely attractive to fruit flies, and when female flies are looking for a source of protein。They are attracted to the bait on the leaf, and the product works quickly when they eat the bait. Product also attracts male fruit flies. Queensland Drosophila and Mediterranean Drosophila were quickly attracted to the attractant.


Naturalure® has been used in Australia for over a decade and was originally developed by Dow AgriSciences with assistance from the USDA. Due to its ease of use, Naturalure® has become a benchmark product in Australia. Organic certification has made this product very popular in cities. Companies like Biosecurity SA have fully promoted Naturalure® in South Australia. The product is also available as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program on a variety of approved crops including various tree, grape and vegetable crops.

Drosophila damage to citrus

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