News about agricultural pesticides from China.In order to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural pesticides products, the safety of people and animals, and the safety of the ecological environment. The Ministry of Agriculture of China has decided to ban four highly toxic pesticides including Omethoate, carbofuran, methomyl and aldicarb.

The following is relevant information

  1. From June 1, 2024. Cancel the registration of products containing Omethoate, carbofuran, methomyl and aldicarb preparations. Production is prohibited. Sale and use prohibited from June 1, 2026.
  2. Retain the production and export of original drugs by original drug manufacturers. Change existing registration to export-only registration. Implement closed operation supervision.
  3. Carbofuran technical material as the raw material for the production of carbofuran butyl and carbofuran propylcarbamide technical material. It can be supplied at designated locations between carbofuran and carbofuran butyl and carbofuran propylthioate technical manufacturers. Closed operation. Methomyl technical material as the raw material for the production of thiodicarb technical material. Supplied at designated locations between methomyl and thiodicarb technical manufacturers. Closed operation. Relevant provincial agricultural and rural departments are responsible for the verification and tracking supervision of transfers and transfers.
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Pesticide solid packaging
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