Dloruro de mepiquat, known in Spanish as cloruro de mepiquat, is an important component in the field of plant growth regulation.

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Mepiquat, known in Spanish as cloruro de mepiquat, is an important component in the field of plant growth regulation. Let’s take a closer look at its mechanisms and effects on plant development.

Cloruro de mepiquat nombre quimico

Mepiquat chloride CAS:24307-26-4

Cloruro de mepiquat modo de accion

Notable benefits include promoting a strong root system. The leaves are brightly colored and thicker. This prevents overstretching and lodging. It can also enhance resistance to lodging and improve boll formation rate. Increase the number of flowers before frost. Improve cotton grade. Reduce vegetative shoots. This saves labor costs associated with pruning.

Metatrophin has a decelerating effect on plant nutrition and growth. It is absorbed through the leaves and roots. Subsequently transferred to the whole plant. This process reduces the activity of gibberellins within the plant. Inhibits cell elongation. Therefore, the elongation of the shoot tip is reduced. Control vertical and horizontal growth. This results in shortening of the internode. The plant is compact. Leaf coloration is deeper, leaf area is reduced, and chlorophyll synthesis is enhanced. Additionally, it prevents the plant from overgrowing and delaying flowering.

The role of cloruro de mepiquat

In addition, metropestin improves cell membrane stability. Enhance plant resistance to environmental stress. Its active ingredients play a crucial role in cotton cultivation. It can effectively inhibit excessive growth and tighten the plant structure. Reduce bud shedding and promote ripening. ultimately increase cotton production.Best application conditions

cloruro de mepiquat in areas with adequate supply of water and fertilizer. Especially when applied to fields where cotton is prone to elongation, it has a significant yield-increasing effect.


Safety procedures

When using que es cloruro de mepiquat, general pesticide safety guidelines must be followed. Avoid inhalation of spray and prolonged contact with skin or eyes.

Storage precautions

Because it absorbs moisture, proper storage conditions are essential to prevent moisture absorption. If hygroscopicity occurs, drying at around 100°C is recommended. Although cloruro de mepiquat is less toxic. However, careful storage is recommended to prevent accidental ingestion by humans or animals. Avoid mixing with food, feed or seeds during storage.