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Main Specification: Propiconazole






250g/L EC,447g/L EC,25%EC,50%EC,62%EC

Propiconazole Description
Fungicide Propiconazole has double function, treatment and protection.

It can be absorded by the root,leaf and the neck of the plant.

It can control disease caused by Ascomycetes and basidiomycetes and imperfect fungi.

Fungicide Propiconazole has become the representative fungicide of Triazoles broad spectrum.

Propiconazole Mode of action 
Fungicide Propiconazole is a kind of sterol biosynthesis inhibitors.

Propiconazole can damage the Cell Membrane of the pathogenic bacteria, thus leading to the death of the cell.

Advantage of Propiconazole

  • Propiconazole is a kind of broad-spectrum fungicide
  • Propiconazole has a special good effect to plant disease.
  • Speed quickly can be used in rainy season.
  • Save a lot of money, the lasting period is 15 to 35 days.
  • Propiconazole can save a lot of energy, it can spread itself.


Propiconazole Applications

Propiconazole can be used in the Flowering stage, seedling stage, young fruit, tender tip of the plant.
1.Leaf spot on banana tree and peanut.

2.Anthracnose on grape and tomato. The lasting period is about 30 days.

3.Early blight on tomato and grape

4.Gummy stem blight on water mellon.

5.Powdery mildew on wheat.

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    Awiner’s Propiconazole Is What you are looking for

    Awiner’s fungicide selection has quite a number of distinct products customized for domestic and agricultural purposes.

    Propiconazole, for instance, is a triazole fungus and disease control product that offers crop protection and prevention.

    The fungicide also blends well with other compounds for curative functions.

    Users can find Propiconazole under various trade names like Banner, Tilt, Fidis, Desmel, Spire, Bumper, Taspa, and Juno.

    Other products containing the ingredient are Benit, Orit, Alamo, Mantis, Radar, Spire, Restore, Novel, Banner Maxx, and Break.

    When formulated with other pesticides, Propiconazole provides ample protection, prevention measures, and curative properties.

    It is a systematic fungicide as well.

    What Are Some Of Its Functions?

    Propiconazole is used on value-added turfgrasses, sorghum, wheat, peaches, prunes, and mushrooms. It is also ideal for corn, oats, peanuts, apricots, wild rice, lemons, nectarines, and plums among others.

    When combined with permethrin, Propiconazole becomes a good wood preserver. The product has proven useful in controlling a selection of diseases like eyespot, rust, net blotch, and etcetera.

    It targets leaf spot, pink & gray snow molds, dollar spot, brown patch, and zoysia patch. It is also famous for preventing gray leaf spot, summer patch, powdery mildew, and anthracnose. Recommended usage is on nurseries, landscape, and trees. You can also utilize it for tree injections, turfgrass, and golf courses.

    Propiconazole’s Management Techniques

    Propiconazole application can take different management strategy based on your crop and its development stages.

    We recommend applying it during flowering and seedling phases. Also, consider treatment when the fruits are young and focus on the plant’s tip.

    Based on diseases, administer propiconazole on a banana tree and peanut for eliminating leaf spot. It acts fast in eradicating anthracnose and early blight on grape and tomato.

    If you notice gummy stem blight on watermelon, apply propiconazole using the recommended amount as well as concentration. The best thing about the product is the fact that it is a broad spectrum fungicide with a special effect on diseases.

    What Will You Gain From Using Propiconazole?

    Due to its systematic properties, one can use it during rainy seasons as it becomes assimilated and distributed quickly within the plant tissues. Propiconazole lasts for 15 to 35 days which is longer than other fungicides.

    Therefore, users enjoy the benefits of reduced costs accompanied by competitive prices from Awiner. Propiconazole has some physical properties such as being odorless and having a yellow-colored appearance.

    It comes in various forms including a ready-to-use liquid, wettable powder, and liquid soluble concentrate. It also comes in emulsifiable concentrate and flowable concentrate.

    Propiconazole  250g/L EC

    Propiconazole 250g/L EC controls a series of leaf and stem diseases as well, especially in cereals. The active ingredient works systematically by becoming assimilated in different parts of a plant.

    From the roots, it travels upwards distributing propiconazole within plant tissues where it acts as a pathogen by stopping fungi development. Propiconazole interferes with the production of sterols in cell membranes because it has demethylation inhibitors.

    Propiconazole 250 EC provides curative measures and eradicates fungal activities from a plant’s system. Ideally, propiconazole as an active ingredient maintains quality and crop production at a higher level.

    The impact of propiconazole on growth has proven to exist based on the user’s application program. Its components enhance development based on application and the concentration level.

    Propiconazole exudes high toxic levels and has become labeled as a possible human carcinogen. Used in the right amount and according to the instructions provides, the product is harmless to both plants and humans.

    Propiconazole as a Suitable Compound To Blend With Other Products

    Propiconazole mixed with Difenoconazole controls a wide range of fungal diseases. It comes at a customized capacity of 10ml to approximately 200l liquid formulation.

    The mixture’s target crops include turf, ornamentals, potatoes, sugar beet, barley, soybeans, and grapes. The combination is also ideal for coffee plantation, maize, bananas, rice, oilseed rape, and vegetables.

    Mixing the formulation is set at 15% EC of difenoconazole blended with 15% EC of propiconazole. The mixture can also accommodate 25% EC of both ingredients.

    Individually, both components have high efficacy in providing protection, prevention, and curative measure. They offer high yields as well as quality materials on a long-term basis.

    Known Side Effects

    Propiconazole’s known side effects include skin irritation, respiratory system issues, and digestive tract discomfort.

    Protective gear is necessary to avoid direct contact either by swallowing, inhaling or skin.

    Like most chemical products, propiconazole is flammable and, therefore, must be stored away for heat.

    Where Can You Purchase Propiconazole at Reasonable Rates?

    Acquire propiconazole from Awiner’s online stores at reasonable rates and fast delivery. The organization excels in manufacturing and supplying pesticide products since 2006.

    As a leading distributor of agrochemicals in China, Awiner operates in a productive environment experienced in proving high-quality fungicides with competitive prices. We produce different formulations ranging from wettable powders to liquid suspensions.

    Awiner boasts itself for having an efficient team that portrays professional and common courtesy towards investors and customers. Our 24/7 customer care support system is equipped to help businesses develop to world-class suppliers and distributors. Awiner’s propiconazole stock comes in customized packages produced within the company’s design department. The relevant teams have more than ten years of experience plus high training.

    Ideally, everything you want to know is available on our website. If you want to know how to mix formulations, do not hesitate to ask. Furthermore, you are at liberty to request a quotation as well as a sample.

    Awiner usually tests its products thoroughly, and we also advise clients to sample compounds before placing an order. That way, we ensure your satisfaction is taken into consideration from inquiry to delivery. The approach garnered us a place in the global market since 2013.

    Our expertise in the agricultural chemical industry extends to international sectors. Some of which recognize Awiner for their customer service and the company’s tendency to uphold international standards.

    For more information, visit Awiner to learn about the company. You can contact us for a one-on-one conversation using our Whatsapp/Wechat number(+86 150 3207 5358) OR Do not shy away from checking out Awiner’s fungicide selection. You might come across another product suitable for your needs.

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