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What crops is Pendimethalin Products suitable for?

Pendimethalin Products is a selective pre-emergence and post-emergence upland soil treatment herbicide. Has broad spectrum herbicidal activity. It has good control effect on broadleaf weeds and grass weeds.

It is suitable for corn, potato, rice, cotton, soybean, tobacco, peanut, sunflower fields. Can remove many types of weeds. Such as barnyardgrass, chickweed, pigweed, purslane, hunter’s nest, duckweed, and amaranth retroflexus. The dosage is 0.6~2.4 kg/hm2.

In addition, pendimethalin is also suitable for use in Chinese medicinal fields, orchards, tea gardens, etc. However, it should be noted that pendimethalin is not suitable for melon crops.

In addition, Pendimethalin Products is safe for crops such as corn, potatoes, rice, cotton, soybeans, tobacco, peanuts, and sunflowers. Safe for most subsequent crops. However, the control effect against amaranth retroflexus, nightshade, pigweed and purslane is not ideal. It has poor control effect on Cyperaceae weed Cyperus rotundus.

pendimethalin products

Pendimethalin application rate

Pendimethalin usage technology – cotton fields

Compared with trifluralin, the operation technology is simple, and it is safer for cotton and does not harm the roots.


1-3 days before cotton planting, the soil spraye evenly. Or soil spray treatment within 3 days after cotton planting. To control gramineous weeds, the dosage is 150-200 ml per acre, mixed with 30-50 liters of water. To control broadleaf weeds, increase the dosage, 200-250 ml per mu. Add 30-50 liters of water.

1. After the soil is sprayed, 3-5 cm of soil can be mixed, or no mixing is required.
2. Grow seedlings in nutrient bowl seedbeds, spray them after sowing and covering them with soil, and then cover them with film. The dosage should be appropriately reduced according to the above situation. Reduce the dosage by 1/3-1/2.
3. The product may cause contact poisoning to cotton buds.
4. Pendimethalin is ineffective against nightshade and amaranth and field bindweed.

pendimethalin application rate

Pendimethalin Products usage technology – corn field

Apply pesticide within 3 days after corn is sown and before emergence. The dosage per mu is 200-300 ml, mixed with 30-50 liters of water.

1. 33% Pendimethalin Products + 38% atrazine: Improve the effect on broad-leaf weeds such as nightshade, chicory, chrysanthemum, commelina, ragweed and other broad-leaf weeds.


Spring sowing peanuts in the open field: Soil treatment dosage per mu is 150-200 ml

Spring sown peanuts covered with film: Soil treatment should be carried out 1-3 days after sowing and before covering with film. The usage of the same herbicide for mulched spring peanuts and summer peanuts is 1/3 to 1/4 lower than that for open field spring peanuts. The dosage per mu is 130-150 ml.

1. It is not recommended to mix soil after applying pesticides.
2. Use caution or prohibition on sandy soil.

Pendimethalin Products usage technology -potato

Film-mulched fields: The best option is to apply pesticides after sowing and before covering with soil. The pesticide apply within 1-3 days after sowing as much as possible.

The dosage per mu is 150-200 ml, mixed with 30-50 liters of water. Cover the film promptly after administration.

Open field: After sowing and before seedlings, the dosage per mu is 150-200 ml, and the water is mixed with 30-50 liters. If the weather is dry, choose a shallow layer of mixed soil with 3-5 cm and spray water on the soil surface for 3-5 days to ensure that the soil is moist and the formation of A good film layer to improve the weeding effect.

Note: It is forbidden to use pendimethalin after potatoes have emerged.

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