Dosage form 360g/l SL, 480g/l SL,540g/l SL ,75.7%WDG
Packing 1L 、500ml 、250ml、100ml、50ml;1kg、500g、250g、100g
Formulation+Label Customized
Sample Yes
Pest Non-cultivated land – Weeds
Certification SGS、 ISO 、BV
Delivery time 20-30 days
Mixture products
Glufosinate vs Glyphosate
Glyphosate vs Diquat
Glyphosate vs Imazapyr
Glyphosate vs 2,4-d
Payment terms payment

By following these steps, Glyphosate 360 g/L SL will effectively control weeds, maintaining the cleanliness and health of crops and the environment.

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Usage Instructions: Glyphosate 360g/L SL

Glyphosate 360g/L SL is a highly effective, non-selective herbicide designed for broad-spectrum weed control. Follow these steps for optimal use:

  1. Preparation:
    • Ensure the spraying equipment is clean and free of debris.
    • Wear appropriate protective gear such as gloves, a mask, and goggles.
  2. Dilution Ratio:
    • Generally, mix Glyphosate 360 with water at a ratio of 1:50 to 1:100. Adjust the dilution ratio based on the type and density of the weeds.
  3. Mixing Process:
    • Pour the required amount of Glyphosate 360 into the sprayer tank.
    • Add the corresponding amount of water.
    • Stir the solution thoroughly to ensure even distribution of the herbicide.
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  1. Spraying Conditions:
    • The best time to spray is on a sunny, calm morning or evening to avoid rain and strong winds.
    • Ensure the weed surfaces are dry to allow better adhesion and absorption of the herbicide.
  2. Application Method:
    • Evenly spray the herbicide on the leaves and stems of the weeds, ensuring complete coverage.
    • Avoid contact with non-target plants to prevent damage.
  3. Precautions:
    • Avoid watering for at least 6 hours after spraying to ensure the herbicide is fully absorbed by the weeds.
    • Treated weeds will gradually turn yellow and die within a few days. Be patient and wait for complete death.
    • Keep away from water sources and drinking water areas to prevent environmental contamination.

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