Dosage form 100g/LSC, 40%SC/DF(Rice)20% WP
Packing 1L 、500ml 、250ml、100ml、50ml;1kg、500g、250g、100g
Formulation Customized
Label Customized
Crop Rice field (Direct seeding)
Certification SGS、 ISO 、BV
Delivery time 20-30 days
Mixture products
Bispyribac sodium + Penoxsulam
Bispyribac sodium+Pyrazosulfuron
Cyhalofop butyl + Bispyribac sodium
Payment terms payment

Bispyribac-sodium dose in rice belongs to the pyrimidine-salicylic acid herbicides. Is a highly active acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor. Weed stems and leaves absorb it quickly and spread it throughout the plant. Inhibits plant meristem growth, thereby killing weeds. Highly effective, broad spectrum, and extremely low dosage.

Product List

Bispyribac-sodium dose in rice of Instructions

Bispyribac-sodium is suitable for use before rice germination. Apply the pesticide at the 3-5 leaf stage of barnyard grass for the best effect. For direct-seeded rice fields, 18-24 grams of 20% bispyrifen wettable powder should be used per mu. Mix 25-30 kg of water and spray the stems and leaves of weeds evenly.

Transplanting field or seedling throwing field: Rice transplanting field or seedling throwing field. Bispyribac sodium dose in rice should be applied 15 days after transplanting or throwing out the seedlings, and after the seedlings turn green. This is to avoid using the medicine too early and causing poor drug resistance in the seedlings, resulting in phytotoxicity. Use 12-18 grams of 20% bispyramide wettable powder per acre and mix with 25-30 kilograms of water. Spray weed stems and leaves evenly. Before applying pesticides, drain the field water to expose all weeds. Irrigate 1-2 days after application and maintain a 3-5 cm water layer for 4-5 days.


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