Diuron as a sugarcane flowering promoter, spray the sugarcane flowers at 500~1000mg/L in the early stage of flowering.If you need please contact me.



Diuron toxicity

Rat acute oral LD50: 3400mg/kg. Rats were fed at a feed dose of 250 mg/kg for two years with no effect. Diuron is not irritating to the skin.

Common preparations of diuron

25% wettable powder.

The role of diuron

Diuron is a contact herbicide that can be used to control annual grass weeds in soil treatments. As a plant growth regulator, it can improve the color of apples; it is a flowering promoter of sugarcane. The mechanism of action remains to be further studied.

The uses of diuron

Diuron is sprayed with 4×10-5~4×10-4mol/L liquid (use citric acid to adjust pH to 3.0~3.8). Can promote the formation of anthocyanins in apple peel. As a sugarcane flowering promoter, spray the sugarcane flowers at 500~1000mg/L in the early stage of flowering.

Diuron and thiazolon can be made into a mixed preparation to defoliate cotton, inhibit top growth and promote flocculation.

Diuron mixed with citric acid or malic acid (pH 3.0~3.8) can induce the production of anthocyanins in apples before coloring. This can not only increase the coloring area of apples, but also increase the rate of high-quality fruits. The appropriate concentration of diuron is 4×10-5~4×10-4mol/L
Adding 0.1% Tween-20 to the mixture of it and citric acid is more conducive to the effectiveness of the medicine.

Precautions when using it

1. Do not allow diuron to drift to cotton fields, wheat fields and mulberry trees.
2. Do not come into contact with alkaline reagents, otherwise the effect of diuron will be reduced.
3. Sprayers that have been used with it must be thoroughly cleaned.

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