Build a shed to cover citrus

If we want to prevent citrus from freezing damage in winter, we need to take corresponding measures before freezing damage.

Use different coverings to cover the plants before protect citrus from freezing damage. It can not only resist the direct invasion of wind and frost, but also prevent ground radiation at night. Protect tree body temperature. This measure is suitable for nurseries and saplings to resist cold, and the effect is very good.

Building soil can protect citrus from freezing damage

Cultivating soil can thicken the soil layer. Improve the soil and reduce soil water evaporation. Increase the soil temperature to protect the roots and root necks from overwintering safely. Moreover, the amount of soil should be such that the root system is not exposed and the root neck is covered.

Irrigation and insulation

Water before freezing. The large heat capacity of water can be exploited. Maintain soil temperature and reduce frozen soil depth. Increase the air humidity in the orchard. Reducing ground heat radiation can significantly reduce the degree of freezing damage.

Protect citrus from freezing damage
Protect citrus from freezing damage

Smoke and heat

Can be based on weather forecast. Use fumigation to reduce radiation heat dissipation and reduce frost. Smoking materials can be obtained locally. Use weeds, chaff, sawdust, fallen leaves, straw, etc. to ignite before the low temperature comes.

Spray steam-suppressing and heat-insulating agent

Before the low temperature comes. Spraying steam-suppressing and heat-insulating agents on citrus crowns can inhibit water transpiration from leaves. Reduce tree body heat loss and reduce frost damage losses.

Whitening or bandaging tree trunks can also protect citrus from freezing damage

Painting the tree trunks white mainly takes advantage of the reflective effect of white lime. Reduce heat absorption on sunny days and narrow the temperature difference between day and night. Prevents skin from freezing and cracking, and prevents diseases and pests.

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