potato herbicide

Introduction of potato growth period

  1. Germination period: The germination period starts from when the seed potato is released from dormancy and sprouts from the bud eye until the seedling emerges.
  2. Emergence stage: From emergence to the 8th or 6th leaf flattening is the seedling stage, also known as tuanke.
  3. Stem formation period to flowering period: the main stem grows and starts to grow lateral stems and leaves, and the capping leaves are formed from the cluster to the main stem (the 16th or 12th leaf is flattened) is the tree development period.
  4. Stem expansion period: the main stem grows and starts to grow lateral stems and leaves. When the dry matter content of stems, leaves and tubers reaches a balance, it enters the tuber-bearing period.
  5. Maturity period: When 50% of the stems and leaves of the plant and yellow, it enters the maturity period.

Potato set plan
Seed dressing before potato planting

Seed dressing agent for sowing (thiamethoxam 262.5g/L+ difenoconazole 25g/L+ fludioxonil 25g/L FS, prevent bakanae disease, rice thrips and underground pests, 400-600ml/100 kg. Red, rose red) + seed dressing fertilizer; (P2O5≥228g/L S≥28g/L Mn≥38g/L Zn≥50g/L Cu≥10g/L, Mg≥5g/L) blue liquid, usage per Kilogram seeds are seed-dressed with 6 grams and 10 grams of water. The role of promoting germination, rooting and increasing production.
Potato seed dressing is to ensure that the seedlings are strong, eliminate the virus carried by the seed potatoes, resist freezing, make the buds fat, the seedlings are strong, reduce the occurrence of early blight, late blight, black mole and other diseases, and at the same time prevent aphids at the seedling stage and underground The harm of pest grubs and wireworms.

potato herbicide

For seedling herbicides: Metolachlor or metolachlor 960g/L EC, acetochlor 960g/L EC, pendimethalin 330g/L EC
For post-emergence herbicides;

  1. Oxyfluorfen 24% EC, the dosage is 500-750ml/ha.
  2. High cap 108g/LEC, dosage 450 to 600ml/ha.
  3. Erimsulfuron-methyl 1.2% + quizalofop-p-ethyl 4% + mecitrione 18% OD, dosage 1200ml/ha (for potatoes)

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