Whiteflies are harmful

Whiteflies are notorious pests around the world, causing great harm to various crops. Affects the yield and quality of rice, wheat, corn and vegetables. Their main damage comes from piercing the plant and sucking sap from the stems and leaves. Causes crop leaves to gradually turn yellow. In addition, whiteflies are present in excessive numbers and their excrement can contaminate crops and their fruits. Damage the photosynthesis process of leaves and seriously affect fruit quality. In addition, they can transmit viral and bacterial pathogens, causing diseases such as silver leaf disease and yellow leaf curl virus, causing significant losses.

There are many pesticides on the market for controlling whiteflies and aphids. While some may claim to be effective, the reality is that most pesticides only provide short-term relief. It usually lasts three to five days, with a maximum of seven to eight days. This situation poses considerable challenges for many farmers. Mealybugs reproduce rapidly, with overlapping generations. Therefore, it is difficult to eliminate them with a single pesticide.

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what is the best insecticide for whiteflies?

Today I will introduce to you a highly effective pesticide for controlling whiteflies and aphids. This pesticide shows excellent efficacy against both adults and nymphs. And it has significant advantages: the efficacy lasts for more than 30 days, reducing the burden on farmers.

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Mixing 1.8% abamectin EC 30 ml + 22.4% cypermethrin SC 15 ml + 20% imidacloprid WP can achieve significant synergy. This combination exhibits strong contact lethal and gastrotoxic effects. Once absorbed by the crop, pesticides move quickly within the plant, protecting new stems, leaves and roots from pests. It has an inhibitory effect on the eggs and nymphs of pests, and has a strong inhibitory effect on the egg laying and reproduction of adults.

Best way to get rid of whiteflies

Whiteflies and aphids are in full bloom. Best insecticide for whiteflies is Mix 30 ml of 1.8% avermectin emulsion, 15 ml of 22.4% cypermethrin suspension, and an appropriate amount of 30-50 kg of 20% imidacloprid soluble powder. Then spray the entire plant evenly with the mixture. The pesticide is effective for more than 30 days. Significantly reduce labor costs and agricultural input costs. At the same time, the occurrence and spread of whiteflies and aphids are quickly controlled.

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