Bacillus thuringiensis is suitable for vegetables, fruit trees, rice and other crops.

  1. Bacillus thuringiensis can control the larvae of lepidopteran pests including cabbage caterpillars and other pests. Some of its strains can control root-knot nematodes, mosquito larvae, leek maggots and beetles.
  2. Bacillus thuringiensis is suitable for vegetables, fruit trees, rice and other crops.
  3. How to use

(1) Vegetable pests

Control diamondback moth, cabbage caterpillar, beet armyworm, etc. During the egg hatching period, spray with 1000 times of 10 billion live spores/g wettable powder. Or use 50-75 grams of 16000IU/mg water-dispersible granules per mu and spray with water.

(2) Tea tree pests

Control tea caterpillars, tea black poisonous moths and tea thorn moths. 10 billion viable spores/g 100-150g wettable powder per mu. To control tea geometrids and tea leaf rollers, use 100-200 grams per mu, add 50-75 kilograms of water to the leaves, and spray the leaves.

(3) Fruit tree pests

Usually spray with 10 billion live spores/g wettable powder or 200 times suspension. It can control citrus thorn moth, leaf roller moth, leaf miner, banana leaf roller, etc.

(4) Forestry pests

It mainly controls lepidopteran pests such as pine caterpillars, ruler moths, venomous moths, thorn moths, and cylindrical moths. Generally, spray with 150-200 times of 10 billion viable spores/ml suspension.

(5) Other pests

① Cotton bollworm is highly lethal to newly hatched larvae. Usually, 200-300 grams of wettable powder or suspending agent is used per mu, and sprayed with water. In years with major pest outbreaks, apply chemical pesticides again on the third day after spraying Bacillus thuringiensis. At this time, the larvae in the field have become infected, which can significantly improve the control effect of chemical pesticides.

②For corn borer, 00-400g of 2000IU/mg granules per mu can be applied by broadcasting on the heart leaves.

③Tobacco caterpillars, generally use 16000IU/mg wettable powder 50-100g or 2000IU/microliter suspension 400-500ml a pair of water spray per mu.

④For rice leaf rollers and rice bracts, 200-400 ml of 8000IU/microliter suspension is usually sprayed on water per mu.

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