Awiner Pesticides Products

Awiner focus on  insecticides, herbicides,fungicides and plant growth regultors. We can provide high quality  pesticides formutions SC,SL,EC,WP,WDG,SG….

Our insecticides products  include Abamectin, Emamectin Benzoate,Acetamiprid ,Imidaclorprid,Lambda-cyhalothrin and other  30+ insecticide products.

Our herbicides products include Atrazine,Acetochlor,Metribuzin ,Clethodim,Trifluralin and other 30+herbicides products.

Our fungicides products include Copper oxychloride,Copper hydroxid,Difenoconazole ,Iprodione,Tebuconazole and other 20+ fungicide products.

Our plant growth regultors include IBA ,IAA,GA3,CPPU,Kinetina and other PGR products.

A range of insecticides products for use in your crops to kill unwanted insect.
There are common insecticides list for insect pest control.Some of them are broad-spectrum insecticides.
As your insecticide supplier,we will help you choose a right product to win the market and farmer’s love.

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Herbicides,also called weed killer.Herbicides and  weed control products are agriculture chemicals used to kill unwanted plant and control weeds.
Based on our production capacity,we service different clients all over the world.As a herbicide supplier,we will provide your competitive price and safe & on time delivery.

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Fungicides are biological chemicals that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores.You will check the list of  popular fungicide here.Our products offer a wide variety of fungicidal benefit for control crop diseases.
You will easy to know different of fungi if you need with help of our  corp protection expert .Our pesticides fungicides support team can help you with different pesticides sourcing from china.

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Plant growth regulators(PGR), called phyohormones,plant hormones,plant grwoth promotes too.It used to alter the growth of a plant or plant part.
We would like to provide solution for every stage of plant growth and development in order to help our customers to get more their customers.We always make sure the quality and to meet our customer’s requirements.

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