Formulation 1.5%EP;0.1% SL
Packing 1L 、500ml 、250ml、100ml、50ml;1kg、500g、250g、100g
Crops  Peanut;Chili;Grape
Certification SGS、 ISO 、BV
Delivery time 20-30 days
Mixture products Choline chloride
(+)-Abscisic acid
4-Indol-3-ylbutyric acid
Prohexadione calcium
Payment terms payment

1-Triacontanol 0.05 GR is a potent plant growth regulator used to enhance the overall health and productivity of various crops. This natural fatty alcohol stimulates photosynthesis, promotes cell division, and increases nutrient uptake, resulting in vigorous plant growth and higher yields. Ideal for use in fruits, vegetables and more, 1-Triacontanol 0.05 GR ensures robust growth and improved crop quality.

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Introduction to Triacontanol

Triacontanol is a powerful plant growth regulator used to enhance the overall health and productivity of various crops. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Dilution: Dissolve Triacontanol 0.05 GR in an adequate amount of water. The recommended concentration is 0.1-0.5 ppm (0.1-0.5 milligrams of Triacontanol per liter of water).
  2. Application: Evenly spray the diluted solution onto the plant leaves, ensuring thorough coverage. Apply the spray in the morning or late afternoon to avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Frequency: Spray every 2-3 weeks, adjusting the frequency based on the type of crop and its growth conditions.




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