Fomesafen selective herbicide is mainly used in soybean fields to control broadleaf weeds and is extremely effective. It is used before and after soybean emergence and is quickly absorbed by the leaves of weeds.

Fomesafen selective herbicide is mainly used in soybean fields to control broadleaf weeds and is extremely effective. It is used before and after soybean emergence and is quickly absorbed by the leaves of weeds. Destroy the photosynthesis of weeds, causing the leaves to turn yellow and quickly wither and die.

1. Functional characteristics of fomesafen:

Fomesafen is a selective contact herbicide that can be used before and after soybean emergence. It can absorbe by weed stems, leaves and roots, destroying weed photosynthesis. The leaves of weeds turn yellow or have burning spots, and they quickly wither and die. Rainfall 4-6 hours after application will not affect the weeding effect. The chemical solution remaining on the leaves is washed into the soil by rainwater or the chemical spray falls into the soil. Will absorbe by weeds and kill them.

2. Scope of application of fomesafen:

It is suitable for controlling broadleaf weeds such as nightshade and sorrel in soybean fields.

3. How to use fomesafen

When soybeans have 1-3 compound leaves after emergence, weeds are at 1-3 leaf stage. Use 68-132 ml of 25% aqueous agent per acre and 20-30 kg of water to evenly spray the stems and leaves of weeds. Adding an appropriate amount of non-ionic surfactant to the solution will have better results.

Usage: When soybeans have 1-3 compound leaves after seedlings and weeds are at 1-3 leaf stage, use 68-132 ml of 25% water per acre. Spray 20-30 kg of water evenly on the stems and leaves of weeds. If the weeds are small and watery, low pesticide dosage is suitable.

4. Precautions when using fomesafen

1. Fomesafen has a long lasting effect in the soil. But If the dosage is too high, sensitive crops will be planted in the second year. For example, cabbage, flax, etc. have varying degrees of phytotoxicity at recommended doses. Cultivating corn and sorghum without plowing will have a slight impact. The dosage should strictly controlle and safe subsequent crops should be selected.

2. When using in orchards, do not spray the liquid on the leaves.

3. Fomesafen is safe for soybeans. But it is sensitive to crops such as corn, sorghum, and vegetables. But Be careful not to contaminate these crops when applying pesticides. To avoid phytotoxicity.

4. If the dosage is large or the pesticide is applied at high temperature, soybeans or peanuts may cause burning spots. Under normal circumstances, growth can resume normally after a few days without affecting yield.

5. The drug remains in the soil for a long time. It does not become inactive in soil and remains active for several months.  Normal application will not cause any harm to the next crop. However, excessive pesticide application will cause phytotoxicity in the next crop of sensitive crops such as cabbage, wheat, sorghum, corn, sugar beet, flax, etc. After application, there will be dead spots on soybean leaves, but they will return to normal after a week and will not affect later growth.

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