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        Aluminum phosphide

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Aluminum phosphide fumigation is often used as a broad spectrum insecticide, mainly used to kill various pests of stored-grain insects, space for goods, food stored-grain insects in stored grain insects, seeds, outside the cave of rodents, and so on.

  1. The Aluminum phosphide has a high insecticidal efficiency.
  2. It is economical and convenient.
  3. Aluminum phosphide will absorb quickly when it contact with water or acid,then releasing phosphine gas,which is highly toxic.

Used for fumigation of grain, grain products, oilseeds and dried potatoes.

In sealed warehouses or containers, it can directly destroyed all types of stored grain pests and killing mice in the warehouse and pests.

Mites, lice, leather in family and store, feather type of moth are also valid.

Used in a sealed greenhouse, glass houses, plastic shed.It can directly kill all underground, above ground pests and mice, and can penetrate to a killing of stem borers in plants, root nematode pests

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