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        Acetamiprid 20% SP Insecticide

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Awiner excels in producing, packaging, and distributing Acetamiprid 20% SP Insecticide alongside other agrochemical products.

Acetamiprid Insecticide is an odorless chemical compound classified under the neonicotinoid insecticide.

The category possesses products manufactured with nicotine as an active ingredient. Other neonicotinoid products include Imidacloprid, Nithiazine, Thiamethoxam, Clothianidin, and etcetera.


What Are Some of Acetamiprid’s Components?

Materials used to produce acetamiprid become chemically composed of two isomerisms. Its active ingredient, however, comes from the cyano-imino group.

Acetamiprid formulations include 99.5% TC (technical product), 70% WP and WSP end-use product and a 0.006% end-use product.

Neonicotinoid insecticides are also known to possess 6-chloro-3-pyridine methyl.

Acetamiprid sells under several trade names such as Assail, Chipco, Ortho Max, and etcetera.

Its physical properties manifest in the form of a white powdery substance that is odorless.


What Is Acetamiprid Used For?

Acetamiprid is used for crop protection especially from sucking insects like Aphids, spider mites, vine weevil, thrips, whiteflies, and mirids. Other pests eliminated by the product include leafhoppers, leaf miners, and the European pine sawflies.

Acetamiprid has become an essential pest control product for domestic purposes. Consumers can use it to eliminate bedbugs as well as other household pests.

In crop management, acetamiprid is suitable for cotton, leafy vegetables, Cole crops, ornamental plants, flowers, and fruiting vegetables.

The products also target citrus fruits, pome fruits, pears, and grapes.


Are You Familiar with Acetamiprid’s Application Techniques?

Acetamiprid insecticide products have a particular application method, rate, frequency, timing, and targeted crops.

Broadcast foliar, for instance, is done from the ground or aerially. Recommended usage is four times per season, 28day PHI, and a 7-day retreatment interval.

The technique is appropriate for various crops with different application rate.

For instance, cotton responds to four applications per season while leafy vegetables require five applications.

Grapes, on the other hand, could use one application followed by a 14-day retreatment interval.

Seek professional assistance before using Acetamiprid or any other agrochemical.


Acetamiprid’s Label and Environmental Impacts

Acetamiprid’s label contains substantial and useful information including the product approval information sector.

Each section carries relevant details regarding either Acetamiprid or its manufacturer.

The label also reveals the product’s brand names and its recommendation limit. Acetamiprid is labeled for indoor and outdoor.

However, it specifies that the latter (outdoor) applies for sites only and not for commercial production. Users get usually provided with instructions and direction of use.

Failure to follow the details can lead to unimaginable consequences like reduced production and environmental pollution.

Acetamiprid to bees is harmless. Note that, many chemical products are a threat to the bee population. If you have a hive within range, use compounds with lower toxicity to bees like acetamiprid. This will, in turn, enhance productivity and allow useful insects to operate as required by nature.

Appropriate usage will also prevent unnecessary accidents such as water and food contamination as well as chemical poisoning through inhalation.

Acetamiprid in humans is hazardous if swallowed or inhaled in large amounts. Absorption through the skin is also dangerous.

Even domestic animals become affected through ingestion or breathing in the product’s vapors. Prolonged exposure can cause adverse effects.

For sublethal doses, one should seek medical attention immediately. Before help arrive, keep the patient hydrated and under fresh air.  You should, however, not induce vomiting or try to give an unconscious person anything through the mouth.

Acetamiprid Properties  

Acetamiprid’s solubility varies from one liquid to another. In water, the ingredient is slightly soluble at the rate of 4.2g/l.

Acetamiprid is also a solvent in ethanol, chloroform, acetone, and acetonitrile. It is also soluble in methanol and dichloromethane. Its stability level is neutral or slightly acidic, and it maintains such stability at room temperature.

Apart from being volatile, acetamiprid does not leach into groundwater. However, it is persistent in water but not soil. Its bioaccumulation is high, and health organizations recognize it as an irritant. T

he product may not be harmful to bees, but it is toxic to birds and earthworms. Such organisms are significant in plant development and quality.

Where Can You Purchase Acetamiprid at Reasonable Rates?

Collect acetamiprid 20% SP from Awiner because their aim is to befit your future with quality items.

The company is an expert in providing pesticide formulation and mixtures that meet client needs. Awiner distributes products that are manufactured under international standards and of superior quality. If you are looking for a good pesticide supplier, we are your best bet because we pay close attention to details from ingredient acquisition to the finished product. Our company also has vast experience in exportation using a customized packaging system. Whichever size, type, color or material you desire, we set our resources to meet your requirements.

Partnering with Awiner gives you a broad network of other leading agrochemical firms in China. We can save you the time and energy by connecting you to our associates. Consider our services if you are an importer or a business owner in the agro-industry. Our network will become your network, and the priorities we get from our partners will be yours as well. Our mission is to promote your business, distribute cost-effective products, and establish long-term relationships with growing organizations (whether small, large or medium sized). We also intend to strengthen our client base by boosting loyalty and trust.

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