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  • Wide spectrum of killing acarids, strong adaptability

    How to use spirodiclofen insecticide

    Spirodiclofen insecticide features: 1.Spirodiclofen insecticide  New structure and unique mechanism of action: the active ingredient of spirodiclofen is tetraketofen, and the mechanism of action is to inhibit the fat synthesis in harmful mites. It has no cross-resistance with existing acaricides and is suitable for controlling harmful mites that are resistant to existing acaricides. 2. Wide…

  • Spirodiclofen mode of action

    Spirodifen is a chemical substance with the molecular formula C21H24Cl2O4. Appearance white powder, no special smell, with contact action, no systemic. It has a good killing effect on the eggs, larvae and nymphs of harmful mites, and has no effect on adult mites, but it has the effect of inhibiting the hatching rate of female mites.