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  • Pyridaben is a broad-spectrum contact acaricide

    Pyridaben – the nemesis of mites is here

    Pyridaben is a widely used pesticide, popular for its highly effective broad-spectrum acaricide. This non-systemic insecticide is very effective in controlling a variety of herbivorous mites, including spider mites, pana mites, claw mites and gall mites. It clearly controls eggs, nymphs and adults, making it an excellent solution for all stages of a mite infestation. In addition, pyridaben has  to be effective in controlling the migratory stage of adult mites.

  • Pyridaben

    Pyridaben: Powerful Pest Control Solution

    Pyridaben is an excellent insecticide, a broad-spectrum, contact acaricide that is effective in controlling a variety of plant-feeding mites. Its versatility allows successful management throughout the mite’s growth stages, targeting eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults. Furthermore, it has a remarkably fast killing effect on adult mites, even in their mobile stages.