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    Pendimethalin herbicide

    Tech 95%TC
    Formulations 330g/L EC,450g/L CS(cotton)
    Chemical formula C13H19N3O4
    CAS.NO 40487-42-1
    Efficacy Selective herbicide
    Samples Support samples
    MOQ 1 ton
    Packing Customized packaging

    Pendimethalin is a selective herbicide primarily used to control annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in a variety of crops. Its mode of action involves inhibiting the germination of weed seeds and disrupting the growth of young weed seedlings.

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    Pendimethalin is primarily used as a pre-emergence herbicide, meaning it is applied before the weed seeds germinate. By creating a protective barrier on the soil surface, it prevents the growth of grasses and broadleaf weeds, giving your plants the space, nutrients and sunlight they need to thrive without competition. Its selective nature ensures that it only targets weeds while leaving your desired plants unaffected.