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  • glyphosate roundup

    Best glyphosate chemical weed killer

    Tech 95%TC
    Formulations 360g/l SL, 480g/l SL,540g/lSL ,75.7%WDG
    Chemical formula C3H8NO5P
    CAS.NO 1071-83-6
    Efficacy Kill weed
    Samples Support samples
    MOQ 1 ton
    Packing Customized packaging

    Glyphosate is a widely used chemical herbicide known for its broad-spectrum weed-killing properties.

  • Glyphosate herbicides are available in various formulations

    List of glyphosate herbicides

    Glyphosate herbicides is a non-selective, non-residual herbicide that kills green tissues only after contact with it. Because various weeds have different sensitivities to glyphosate, the dosage varies.