Herbicide: Trifluralin

  • Chemical formula: C13H16F3N3O4
  • Formulations:97%TC,480g/L EC
  • CAS NO.:1582-09-8
  • Samples: Support samples
  • MOQ:1 ton

Trifluralin is mainly used as a pre-emergent herbicide in dryland and can be used on cotton, soybeans and peas.



Trifluralin dosage forms

trifluralin 95% tech how does trifluralin work

Trifluralin 480g/l EC

 95% TECH

Trifluralin  4ec


What is trifluralin used for?

Trifluralin is mainly used as a pre-emergent herbicide in drylands. Can be used for cotton, soybeans, peas, rapeseed, peanuts, potatoes, winter wheat, barley, etc. Used to control monocotyledonous weeds and annual broadleaf weeds. Such as barnyard grass, giant thrush, crabgrass, foxtail grass, cricket grass, bluegrass, stephanotis, goosegrass, wheatgrass, wild oats, etc.

How does trifluralin work?

It is prepared by reacting 4-trifluoromethyl-2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene and dipropylamine at 100°C for 2 hours. Trifluralin is obtained after post-processing.

Trifluralin application methods

Broad spectrum dryland pre-emergent herbicide.  It can also control dicotyledonous weeds such as pigweed, amaranth, purslane, chickweed, and polygonum with small seeds.

1. Generally used before sowing or budding. The dosage is 5.6~11.3g active ingredient/100m2. Add 0.6~4.5kg of water and spray on the land. Rake into the soil within 8 hours to prevent light decomposition. The weed killing effect reaches 95%.

2. Used for transplanting cotton seedbeds. Use after sowing and covering with soil. Use 48% EC 11~15mL/100m2. Spray the soil surface with water, or spray the soil first and then cover with soil after planting.

3. Control barnyardgrass in dry rice fields during the 2-3 leaf stage of rice emergence. Spray water with 48% emulsifiable concentrate 30~60mL/100m2.

4. In soybean fields, use 48% EC 19~23mL/100m2, spray the topsoil with water, and then mix the soil.

Trifluralin herbicide label

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