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Propoxur, with the chemical formula C11H15NO3, is a white crystalline powder with a special odor. In agriculture, it is mainly used as a pesticide.

The melting point of it ranges from 84 to 87 degrees Celsius, and its relative density (water = 1) is 1.024. It is slightly soluble in water, but soluble in most organic solvents. Its chemical characteristics include being flammable when exposed to open flames or high heat, and its powder and air can form an explosive mixture. When reaching a certain concentration, it may explode when exposed to sparks. Decomposes under high heat and releases toxic gases.

How is propoxur commonly applied

The preparation method of propoxur includes dissolving o-isopropylphenol in dehydrated dioxane, then adding methyl isocyanate and triethylamine dropwise, and the reaction mixture gradually heats up. After cooling, crystals precipitate. After adding petroleum ether, the crystals completely precipitate, and the crystallized product, propoxur, is collected.