Characteristics of Dicamba herbicide

When it comes to dicamba, there is no getting around the issue of drift.

Dicamba herbicide is highly volatile and therefore prone to drift problems. Dicamba drift occurs when dicamba moves away from the target crop after it has been sprayed. Damage to surrounding non-dicamba-tolerant crops.

Dicamba drift can cause delayed crop flowering. Flowering is reduced and the frequency of bee visits is reduced. If there is no drift problem. Forecast based on data on dicamba-tolerant soybean planting area in the United States in recent years. Dicamba soybeans will soon be widely available. However, the problem of drift has not been well solved during the promotion of dicamba-tolerant soybeans in the United States. It has caused extensive damage to common soybeans and other crops, thus restricting the promotion progress of dicamba soybeans.

Although dicamba is used in large amounts globally. But the production threshold is relatively high. Not only are raw materials limited, but the investment is large. The risk factor in the production process is also relatively high. The pressure on safety and environmental protection is relatively high. Therefore, expanding production capacity is not an easy task.

From a global perspective, the main production capacity of dicamba is relatively concentrated.

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