Formulation 50%SC、50%WDG、50%WP
Packing 1L 、500ml 、250ml、100ml、50ml;50g、 100g、250g、500g、1kg
Crops Corn fields、Tea plantations
Certification SGS、 ISO 、BV
Delivery time 20-30 days
Mixture products
  • Nicosulfuron+Dicamba
  • glufosinate-ammonium
  • MCPA-sodium+DicambaDicamba
Payment terms payment

Dicamba is a powerful herbicide widely used to control broadleaf weeds in various crops such as soybeans, corn, and cotton. Its selective action targets weeds while preserving the health of crops, making it a valuable tool for farmers. Dicamba works by disrupting the growth process of weeds, ultimately leading to their elimination.

Dicamba is a sulfonylurea herbicide with systemic activity, effectively targeting both annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. Applied post-emergence, it is rapidly absorbed by the leaves, stems, and roots of weeds, disrupting hormone activity and ultimately leading to their demise. This product is a raw material used in pesticide formulations and is not intended for direct application to crops or other areas.

98%TC 480g/L SL 60% WDG 33% SC
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