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Maximize crop yield and quality with DA-6 plant growth regulator.
In the world of agricultural innovation, DA-6 (diethylaminoethylhexanoate) nucleotide is a game changer. Let’s delve into its multifaceted features. And discover how it could revolutionize the growth and development of a variety of cash and food crops throughout their life cycles.

Soil preparation

1. DA-6 plant growth regulator: Promote crop growth

Incorporating DA-6 into the cultivation process has been shown to be beneficial in improving the overall effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and fertilizers. Its dosage is only half that of traditional DA-6. As a result, it not only significantly improves drug efficacy and fertilization efficiency, but also reduces the overall use of pesticides and fertilizers.

2. Quality improvement and output improvement

It affects photosynthesis by five times. Improve chlorophyll, protein, nucleic acid content and photosynthesis efficiency. In addition, it enhances the activity of peroxidase and nitrate reductase. Enhance plants’ ability to resist disease. Promotes lush green leaves and high yields.

3. Extended release to maintain effectiveness

DA-6 has a controlled release mechanism that allows it to be rapidly absorbed and stored by plants. One part acts quickly, the other part gradually exerts its influence.

Application method of Da-6 plant growth regulator

Apply directly

The original powder can be converted into a variety of liquid and powder formulations.  Its convenience makes it ideal for growers.

Mix with fertilizer

DA-6 nucleotides are seamlessly blended with N, P, K, Zn, B, Cu, Mn, Fe, Mo to ensure stability and long-term storage.

Use in conjunction with fungicides

DA-6 nucleotides have proven to be very effective when paired with fungicides. Increases efficiency by more than 60% and reduces pesticide use by 20-60%. Scientific experiments have confirmed that it has inhibitory and preventive effects on a variety of plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Used together with pesticides

Enhance plant resilience and deter pests by combining DA-6 nucleotides with insecticides. Its inherent repellent effect on soft-bodied insects helps control pests and increase productivity.

Herbicide antidote

DA-6 nucleotide has the ability to detoxify most herbicides. Fortunately, it offers a safer alternative for weed management.

Herbicide compatibility

When combined with DA-6 nucleotides, the herbicide maintains its effectiveness while preventing crop toxicity. This synergistic effect ensures the safe use of herbicides in agriculture.

Taken together, DA-6 nucleotide becomes a versatile agricultural ally, ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability. Its diverse applications make it a valuable asset to modern agricultural practices. Embrace the power of DA-6 nucleotides and witness the transformative impact on your crops.