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  • Malathion is an efficient, low toxicity insecticide and acaricide with a wide range of prevention and control. Not only used for rice, wheat, and cotton, but also for pest control in vegetables, fruit trees, tea, and warehouses due to low toxicity and short residual effects.

    What is the function of malathion

    Malathion, also known as Marathon, insecticide 4049, scientific name O, O-dimethyl-S – (1,2-dihydroxyethoxyethyl) dithiophosphate, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C10H19O6PS2. It is a colorless to light yellow oily liquid and is an efficient, low toxic insect and mite killing agent.

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    Malathion EC: A Safe Crop Protection Insecticide

    Malathion has strong contact, stomach poisoning and fumigating effects。It is an excellent choice for controlling pests in vegetables, fruit trees and food crops. It is effective against chewing mouthparts pests such as caterpillars and beetles, as well as piercing-sucking pests such as aphids and mites.

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    Malathion: Versatile Insecticide and Acaricide

    Malathion is a highly effective insecticide and acaricide, providing a wide range of pest control solutions. This particular product is not only suitable for rice, wheat and cotton crops, but also indispensable for dealing with pests in vegetables, fruit trees, tea gardens and warehouses. Its excellent properties, including low toxicity and short residual effects, make it ideal for numerous applications.