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  • C10H11ClN4

    Unleashing the Power of the Pesticide Acetamiprid

    Introducing our revolutionary acetamiprid insecticide, the revolutionary solution against cotton aphids, cabbage aphids, peach borers and other challenging pests. Say goodbye to ineffective pesticides as our products are guaranteed to effectively control and destroy these pesky insects.

  • Introduction of Awiner Custom Pesticides

    Acetamiprid Insecticide – Awiner’s main product

    Acetamiprid, a new type of pyridine insecticide, is a highly effective solution for the control of various pests. With its stomach toxicity, contact killing capability, and strong penetration power, acetamiprid demonstrates an exceptional ability to combat insects. This incredible insecticidal power acts quickly, providing immediate relief from infestations, while also offering a long residual effect period.