You probably might have heard it more than once; “Indoxacarb is a good insecticide product”

Yes, Indoxacarb is very popular for farmers to kill some insect.

It comes with lufenuron、chlorfenapyr to be the hot sell insecticide products in 2018.

So i want to tell you something about it.

This guide helps you to find everything about indoxacarb insecticide and you will know how to deal with indoxacarb insecticide in right way.

What is indoxacarb?

Indoxacarb is a new kind of Carbamate insecticides.

Because of its chemical structure is complex, which contains indane, so we called it indoxacarb.

It was developed by DuPont  agrochemical company.

Indoxacarb is a white powdered solid material formulated as a wettable granule and soluble concentrate.

It is also support for farmers to use of this insecticide with low-toxicity.

Insect control products containing Indoxacarb as an active ingredient are typically used on a wide range of crops for ants, roaches, and other sucking pests.

How does indoxacarb work?

Indoxacarb cripples target insects by contact and ingest with chemical to the foliage and fruit.

These are quite effective in blocking the road of sodium ion of cultured nerve cells.

Indoxacarb will make nerve cell lose its function.The bugs or insects will be paralysis and to the dead.

Indoxacarb formulation entering the insects’ body through contact or feeding, The insects immediately stop eating within 0-4 hours.

And then,you will found that insects will down from crops.

Usually,the insects will be dead after 24-60 hours.

Let me tell you that Indoxacarb have a good affect on insect larvae,and it is safe for natural enemy insects.

Indoxacarb: Mode of action

1.Neurotoxic insecticides
2.Stomach poison insecticides
3.Contact insecticides: Contact insecticides are toxic to insects upon direct contact.

The type of indoxacarb formulation

Indoxacarb comes in a number of different formulations, including:

Indoxacarb 15%SC

Indoxacarb 30%SC

Indoxacarb 150g/SC

Indoxacarb 30%WDG

awiner-indoxacarb 30% wdg

 Indoxacarb application

Indoxacarb is a non-systemic insecticide.

It is used to control sucking insects like bollworm, pink bollworms, spotted bollworms, cutworms,

including heliothis, lacanobia, fruit worm, white apple leafhopper, codling moth, pandemics leaf roller etc.

It also can be used in various crops like cotton, apple, some fruit, potato, plum and some vegetables.

How to use of indoxacarb

Formulation Crop Insects Dosage 
Indoxacarb 15%SCCabbage  Cabbage moth31.5-40.5g/ha spray
Indoxacarb 15%SCRice  

Cnaphalocrocis medinalis33.75-45g/ha spray
Indoxacarb 30%WDGCabbage  Plutella xylostella15.8-20.3g/ha.
Indoxacarb 30%WDGRice  Rice leaf folder16.9-22.5g/ha

Indoxacarb insecticide Storage

Stored in a cool dry and well-ventilated place.

It should not be mixed with foods during transportation and in a warehouse.


That’s it!

All you need to know about the Indoxacarb insecticide.

Indoxacarb is highly effiective,low-toxicity insecticide for use in agriculture

I hope it is helped for you.

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