I know most probably,you want your crops have a good harvest.

To you, farming chemicals are than indispensable tool for crops.

However, you may be have some unscientific using methods about use of pesticides.

I know you’re probably looking for the best way that will help you reduce pests, diseases and losses.

If you are interested to know how to apply of pesticides, then you are in right place.

Have a look at this outline to get an idea of this article:

Wrong 1.Only use of pesticides when the worm occurs, do not use of pesticides at the early stage .

Actually,most disease’s symptom did not obvious at the early stage.

Plant diseases and insect pests usually have a mid symptoms at early time.

However,some people only use of pesticides when the corps and plants are disease of the obvious.

Using less drugs at early stage have more significantly effect .

Once the disease outbreak and spread to large scale, it is difficult to control even using more pesticides.

You should avoid it in case plants and crops have been harmful directly and you pay for more for your crops.

This way, it will be cheaper and efficient, unlike when use of pesticides with worm occurs.


Wrong 2.Higher concentration has higher effect.

Many farmers choosing to use high concentration pesticides in order to reduce the workload.

However,when spraying insecticides or fungicides, it is important to maintain enough water .

Because of larva and bacteria are concentrate at the back side of the leaf and the soil which is close to the root par.

If do not have enough water when spraying, it is difficult to cover the whole plant, the residual bacteria can easily erupt again.

Besides,increasing the concentration can strengthen the bacteria, pest resistance, exceeding safe concentration may occur injury.

At high concentrations, foliar not only can not be absorbed by crops, but also cause the crop body fluid leakage, resulting in physiological drought.

When hormone pesticides are too high, it may cause counterproductive or crop deformity.

Therefore, simply increasing the solution concentration,often bring counterproductive effect.


Wrong 3,Only use of pesticides once, but once and for all.

I know you want use of pesticides less as far as possible.

However,you should avoid that you want only use once time to prevention and treatment of all.

Let me explain you why say that.

It is have obvious effect to use of pesticides( eg,insecticides product or fungicides product.) at the beginning.

Especially, When pests and diseases are serious.

But with the loss of pesticides and decomposition failure, the crops and plant still have dangerous with the pests and diseases again.

Therefore, in order to achieve the best control effect,we should use of pesticides in an interval of 7 to 15 days, keep 2 times .

With this way,you will get best effect for your agro-products.


Wrong 4,Using dirty water to use of pesticides.

What is dirty water?

I mean that Sewage and muddy water.

Somebody think that dirty water have same effect with clean water.

I must say it is wrong.


Sewage and muddy water containing plenty of impurities.

It will will block the nozzle of sprayer.

And,it will destroy pesticide stability and reduce pesticides efficacy.

Please take note of this:it is important to use clean water and enough water when use of pesticides.


Wrong 5, Spraying at windy day , rain days or under high temperatures .

It is very important for spraying pesticides with right time.

However,lots of farmers spraying pesticides at windy day , rain days or under high temperatures.

They are all not good time for spraying pesticides.

As an farmer,you should know the reason:

  • Don’t choose the windy day..

Because Spraying pesticides on a windy day can make pesticides drift away.

  • Don’t choose the rain day.

Rain day to use of pesticides it is really not a good way,due to the pesticides will be washed way.For you,it means,you waste of time and money.

  • Don’t choose the high temperature weather.

Because if the temperature is very high,when to spray pesticides, the pesticides from sprayer will quickly evaporate.

Now,you know that all of them likely to affect the effect of pesticides.

And it will lead you to a waste of both time and money.

It may also cannot achieve the desired results.

So,When is the good time for use of pesticides?

In a weather, the best It was kinda breezy



Wrong 6, Always using of pesticides product is single .

Long-term use of single pesticides, what will happen?

Our plants and crops will build up resistance.

Then you will get less effect.

There are so many different pesticides,for you choose,have same disease and pests.

You could choose different pesticides product for your crops.

Let me make a example for you.

You always use imdidaclpride for your,and in fact,the same

This time you want try imdicalprice,it is nice and have good effect.

Next time,if have same pests,i suggest you try .

With this,your crops will not have resistance for single pesticides.

Wrong 7, Abusing pesticides.

Using pesticides should depend on the different types of crops and different prevention and treatment of the object.

Somebody don’t know how to right deal with the relationship about pesticides and crops in agriculture.

So,they use of pesticides in wrong way. That make our crops didn’t in the correct way.

Please note that:we should use of pesticides before we know which pesticides is suitable.

How could solve this problem?

I think you can ask plant protection expert or pesticides expert,Or you can just ask awiner any time.

Meanwhile,lease also remember that when use of pesticides should follow the label of pesticides.

Increase the quantity of pesticides go-as-you,it may bring the bad effect: symptom of chemical damage.


Wrong 8, Spraying pesticides before pre-harvest , the rhythm is not enough.

Since the pesticide residue stay in the crops, lack of safe interval time may cause residue, and the residue can cause food poisoning.


Wrong 9, Lacking of security awareness .

When spraying pesticides in your farm,please take care yourself.

It is need to wear masks when spraying pesticides,

and it is not allowed to smoke or eat during spraying pesticides.

After spraying pesticides is finished,please go on with wash exposed skin with soap, mouthwash.

And the best is you have a bath, if you have conditions.




Every tip you can see above will make good use of pesticides , besides saving you both time and money.

Use of pesticides in right way is the most preferred term for our crops.

It is because it gives crops good care in agriculture.

You can share your experience on use of pesticides with us.

At Awiner, we would like to help you more about knowledge about pesticides and  corp protection.

If you still have more problems when use of pesticides, contact Awiner at any time.

We will solve all your problems about use of pesticides to your crops and plants..