Thrips are one of the most hated pests of farmers, because they eat almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and reduce crop production. So is there any effective way? How to use it correctly to make the effect better? Thrips are difficult to prevent and cure. First of all, the understanding of thrips characteristics is not in place, and then the prevention method is very important.

Understanding thrips

The individual of thrips is small, the body length is 0.5-2mm, and rarely exceeds 7mm; Body color is mostly brown or black, not carefully looked, it is difficult to find; Nymphs are white, yellow, or orange; Head slightly in the back mouth type, mouth for file suction, can file the plant epidermis, suck plant juice. Thrips like warm and dry weather, and the suitable temperature is 23 ℃ ~28 ℃, and the suitable air humidity is 40% – 70%; If the humidity is too high, it can not survive. When the humidity reaches 100%, and the temperature reaches 31 ℃, all nymphs die.

The reasons why thrips are difficult to cure
(1)Fast reproduction speed: thrips generally take only 14 days from egg to adult, with fast generation replacement and serious overlapping, which is easy to cause flooding.
(2)Strong Concealment: thrips fear light, in high temperature and strong light, adult insects lurk in the soil gap during the day, and come out at night. Nymphs are harmful to the back of leaves and flowers, and their actions are more hidden. It’s hard to get access to the potions.
(3) Strong migration ability: thrips are very small and hard to see clearly with naked eyes, but adults are good at flying and jumping. Once they are found dangerous, they can escape everywhere with the help of external forces. Therefore, once thrips occur, they spread quickly and are difficult to completely remove.

Prophylaxis and Treatment
(1) Hanging armyworm board: armyworm board is the first step of pest control in the shed, because it can detect the occurrence of pests in advance, and play a certain role in killing insects. The blue armyworm board can be hung in the shed to trap and kill thrips. Armyworm board should choose the appropriate number according to the size of the shed, 30-40 per mu, adjust the height at any time with the growth of vegetables, and generally hang 15-25 cm above the plant growth point.

(2)Soil treatment: because thrips have fast propagation speed and strong migration ability, 5% Beta-cyfluthrin + 2% Thiamethoxam GR can be selected before planting. After mixing evenly, the soil can be treated by sprinkling, furrow application and hole application. After dissolving in the soil, the thrips can be evenly distributed around the plant roots, and the pesticides can be transmitted to all parts of the upper part of the plant through contact action, Killing thrips, which are harmful to crops, can effectively prevent thrips from further harming and spreading virus, with long duration and good effect.

(3) Medicament seed dressing: before sowing, 35% Thiamethoxam seed treatment suspension agent was used for seed dressing, and the seed coating agent was evenly wrapped on the surface of the seed. After dissolving, the medicament was evenly distributed around the root system of the seedling. The medicament was transmitted to the aboveground part of the plant through internal absorption and conduction, which could also effectively prevent the damage of thrips pests to the crops, and the duration of effect was more than 60 days.

(4)Pesticide control: acetamiprid 20%SP, Thiocyclam-hydrogen-xalate 50%SP, Spinosad 24%SC, Thiamethoxam 25%WDG and Abamectin 1.8% +acetamiprid 3.2% EC. These insecticides have quick effect and long lasting effect, but because thrips are easy to produce resistance, the principle of pesticide rotation must be followed while using them. Among them, Abamectin 1.8% +acetamiprid 3.2% EC has contact toxicity, stomach toxicity, internal absorption and fumigation. It has a strong penetration effect on the leaves, can kill the pests under the epidermis, and has a long duration. It is a super effective insecticide specially used to kill piercing sucking mouthparts. At the same time, it also has the function of killing mites and scale insects. It is a new type of highly effective insecticide for aphids and mites. It has good control effect on pests. Thrips are afraid of light, so they have the habit of lying in the daytime and rising at night. Thrips hide in flowers or soil crevices during the day, and do not harm vegetables. When there is no light at night, they come out to harm plants. Therefore, the spraying time is after dark in the evening, and it works well.

In a word, the prevention and control of thrips need to be based on the characteristics of thrips that tend to be blue and afraid of light, combined with the use of agricultural drugs.Additionaly, Not only change the maintenance of the environment,but also usually strengthen ventilation, to avoid aggravating the phenomenon of insect pests.