AIn recent news, farmers have successfully used abamectin emulsifiable concentrate and emamectin combination to control two common pests: diamondback moth and cabbage butterfly. These pests are known to cause significant damage to crops, especially at the larval stage. By using a mixture of 1000-1500 times 2% Abamectin EC and 1000 times 1% Abamectin, farmers have been able to effectively control the damage.

Even after 14 days, the abamectin-based solution was still between 90-95% effective, making it an excellent solution for diamondback moth control. The mixture is also very effective in controlling cabbage larvae with over 95% control. This is good news for farmers who have struggled with these pests in the past.

But the benefits of Abamectin cream don’t stop there. Farmers have also successfully used the solution to control a variety of other pests, including golden leaf miner, leafminer and cabbage whitefly. By using a mixture of 3000-5000 times 1.8% Abamectin EC, farmers are also able to protect their crops from these invasive pests.

The successful use of abamectin-based solutions is especially important as farmers face increasing pressure to reduce the use of harmful pesticides. Abamectin is not only effective in controlling pests, but is also considered safer for the environment and human health. This makes it a more sustainable option for farmers who want to protect both their crops and the planet.

Overall, the use of abamectin-based solutions is a promising development for farmers looking to control pests and protect crops. By combining Abamectin EC and Emamectin, farmers can effectively control pests such as diamondback moth and cabbage caterpillar. As agriculture continues to evolve, farmers must find sustainable and effective ways to protect their crops, and abamectin-based solutions are a promising step in this direction.