This week, the game between the supply and demand side of the market continued. There were many inquiries in the market as a whole, and the market trading volume was at a low level. At present, spring plowing and stocking are gradually started, the operating rate of the upstream is relatively stable, and the trend of downstream demand and raw drug varieties is different. The foreign trade market started slowly, suppressing the high volume of transactions in the market, and mainly digesting high-cost inventories.

Technical chart

Technical chart

The shipment of glufosinate-ammonium technical to the Southeast Asian market was smooth, the demand for raw powder in the high-end market was somewhat suppressed, and the price was reported at RMB 140,000/ton;

The glyphosate technical supply end market has a strong willingness to maintain stability, the inventory in the foreign trade market is yet to be digested, and the game between supply and demand, the price is reported at RMB 45,000/ton;

The supply of refined glufosinate-ammonium parent drug is limited, the downstream market layout is hot, the supply is tight, and the price is reported to be around RMB 195,000/ton;

Diquat parent drug price-performance game of similar products, priced at RMB 45,000/ton;



The domestic production capacity of 2,4-D technical has increased, and the competition is fierce. The market price has been quoted at RMB 18,500/ton;

The demand for pendimethalin technical in the overseas market is strong, the domestic stocking is started, the manufacturer’s inventory is low, and the price quotation is 68,000 yuan/ton;

The manufacturers of bentazone active drug have a strong desire to maintain market stability, the demand for domestic trade has not increased, and the main supply is mainly for export. The market report is about 120,000 yuan/ton, and the market price of bentazone water agent is 42,000 yuan/ton;

The price of oxadiazone technical is 225,000 yuan/ton, and the market is in the stocking season. As the price of the technical drops, the cost performance of the product is gradually recovering;



The operating rate of fomesafen technical has increased, and the demand for terminal stocking has gradually started, and the price quotation is within RMB 140,000/ton;

The inventory of clomazone technical manufacturers is low, and the price of low-content supply in the market is 80,000 yuan/ton;

The manufacturers of oxyfluorfen technical mainly deliver the products for export, and the domestic companies have started to get the goods one after another. The competition is fierce, and the price quotation is 200,000 yuan/ton;

The competition of herbicides in corn fields is fierce, and the oversupply affects the price trend. The domestic market of atrazine technical is currently stable, and the price reported is RMB 36,000/ton;

The production capacity of mesotrione technical is sufficient, the competition among manufacturers is fierce, the supply exceeds demand, and the quotation is RMB 115,000/ton;

The production capacity of Nicosulfuron Technical has increased, which is similar to that of Mesotrione Technical, and the quotation is RMB 215,000/ton;

The increase in the price of hydroquinone and propionic acid, the upstream raw materials of cyhalofop-ethyl technical drug, has brought cost support to the technical drug, and the downstream stocking has gradually started, and the manufacturer’s quotation is RMB 162,000/ton;



The manufacturers of clodinafop-propargyl technical drug drive less, the demand of downstream customers decreases, the market is coming to an end, and the quotation is RMB 235,000/ton;

The raw material prices of high-efficiency flurifop-pamide technical rose, but the end demand was not strong, and the transaction price dropped to within RMB 195,000/ton;

Quizalofop-p-ethyl technical market has almost no stock, and the market price is at RMB 225,000/ton, which is at a high level.