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Pyriproxyfen is a compound commonly used as an insect growth regulator to control fly and mosquito populations. It is a popular choice among pest control professionals due to its effectiveness and safety.

Insecticides prevent insect larvae from developing into adults by interfering with the insect’s life cycle. It mimics the hormones that regulate growth and development in insects, preventing them from maturing and reproducing.

One of the main benefits of pyriproxyfen is its low toxicity to humans and other mammals. It has been extensively tested and found to have no harmful effects on humans, pets or livestock.

Another advantage of using pyriproxyfen is that it has a lower risk of resistance compared to other insecticides. This is because it targets the insects’ growth and development rather than their nervous system, which prevents the insects from becoming resistant to pesticides.


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Pyriproxyfen is commonly used in a variety of applications, including controlling mosquito populations, especially during outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria and Zika virus. It is also effective in controlling flies around livestock facilities or poultry farms.

In addition to being used in commercial applications, pyriproxyfen is also available for home use. It can be found in insect sprays, aerosols, and mosquito coils, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to control pests in their homes.

In conclusion, pyriproxyfen is a super insecticide that is effective in killing flies and mosquitoes without posing any significant risk to humans and other mammals. Its low toxicity, low risk of resistance and versatility make it one of the most popular choices of pest control professionals and individuals. With Pyriproxyfen, you can say goodbye to pesky flies and mosquitos forever.