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Shijiazhuang Awiner Biotech Co.,Ltd

Awiner Biotech was founded in 2006,
located in north of China-Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.
The city is close to our capital Beijing, transportation is convenient.

Factory is committed to research,
produce and distribute agrochemicals.
mainly deal with pesticides, herbicides,
fungicides, plant growth regulator
and public health pesticides.

Professional factory

Awiner professional factory

We have 3 plus professional factories, all equipment adopts international advanced level.

Reactors for pesticide production

Awiner has cash mixers, condensers, warmers and other equipment to ensure that every product that leaves the factory is qualified.

Pesticide automatic filling machine

Advanced production lines and professional technicians are responsible for each bottle of pesticide.

Professional pesticide laboratory. Before and after production, repeated tests will be carried out in the laboratory to ensure that the products are qualified.


Our client

Every year Awiner will go abroad to visit customers, or receive foreign customers in China, customers come from Yemen, Dubai, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and so on.We are able to provide quality cooperation, meticulous and thoughtful services to global pesticide distributors.

Sri lanka
Our Story


One of the main strengths of Awiner Biotech Company is their consistent focus on innovation in pesticide production. Using cutting-edge biotechnology, the company has successfully developed environmentally friendly and efficient pesticides. Awiner’s relentless pursuit of research and development results in products that effectively control pests while minimizing harm to the surrounding environment, providing farmers with sustainable and long-term solutions.

Awiner Biotech Company recognizes the importance of environmental protection and sustainable agricultural practices. They actively adopt advanced technology in the manufacturing process to minimize the negative impact on the ecosystem. Awiner’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their commitment to reducing pesticide residues in harvests, thereby ensuring the health and safety of consumers and the planet.

“Doing a good job in every product and serving every customer well is our aim”
General manager
our professional team


Awiner Boitech participates in domestic and foreign exhibitions every year to gain an in-depth understanding of industry changes and keep up with industry trends.

2016 Shanghai CAC Agricultural Exhibition
2017 Nigeria Agricultural Exhibition
2018 Türkiye Agricultural Exhibition
2018 Egypt Agricultural Exhibition
2019 Antalya Agricultural Exhibition
2019 Pakistan Agricultural Exhibition
2021 Shanghai CAC Agricultural Exhibition
2023Shanghai CAC Agricultural Exhibition
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