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Everything You Need to Know Emamectin Benzoate Insecticide

What Is Emamectin Benzoate?

Emamectin benzoate is an avermectin-based insecticide fight lepidopterian organisms in various plantations like cotton and tobacco. The cream-colored substance is stable and noncorrosive. However, it can explode if exposed to oxidants.

Emamectin benzoate is soluble in organic matter, but it hardly dissolves in water. Sources claim that the insecticide has low toxicological effects since some of its ingredients come from naturally fermented Streptomyces bacteria.

It takes effect through ingestion where insects experience paralysis upon consumption. Direct contact is also effective, but it becomes lethal when injected on trees.


Robert F. Peterson was among the four scientists to discover Emamectin.

However, it was Merck and Company that developed Emamectin as a pesticide back in the late 1900s.

In 1997, the product made the first presence in Japan and Israel markets. Patent rights were transferred on 25th September 2001 and on 22nd August Emamectin became approved.

 What Property Does Emamectin Benzoate Possess?

It has several chemical and physical properties.

Most of them contain epi-methylamino and deoxy-avermectin components which for the B1a and B1b substances at different units.

Emamectin Benzoate molecular weight stands at 964 while its water solubility level is 93mg/l.

What Is It Used For?

It is approved for use on the leafy, stem, and fruiting vegetables to control pests. The formula is also useful on brassica head and pome fruits.

Note that, people use it widely for agricultural products in the United States and Japan.

It is also a typical product in Canada and has currently penetrated the Taiwan market.

Studies relate its popularity to its ability to reduce colonies at a higher rate than other pesticides.

How Is It Transferred Among Intended Organisms?

In water, fishes act as the channels of distribution upon oral consumption.

Once in their bloodstream, Emamectin travels to the skin and fishes’ mucus where the salmon lice ingest the compound.

The organisms’ maturation process becomes interrupted such that the pests don’t reach motile stages.

Benefits Associated With Emamectin

  • Its toxic levels on trees minimize pest infestation more than other substances.
  • A solution of Emamectin in methanol, polysorbate, and methanol protect Japanese black pines from wilting.
  • It enhances fish growth by controlling sea lice on Atlantic salmon which carry harmful bacterial and viral pathogens.
  • Humans use Emamectin related compound to treat onchocerciasis and strongyloidiasis.
  • The product helps veterinarians treat various dog infestations like heartworms.

How Do You Apply Emamectin Benzoate?

Emamectin benzoate is effective when applied through a foliar spray or ground equipment.

Tree injection is another application mode that proves lethal to mature and immature arthropod pests.

When introduced to leaves, the insecticides seeps into the leaf tissue where it hibernates and becomes active when consumed by an insect.

Emamectin’s Toxicology Effect

Across organisms in the Plantae and animal kingdom, Emamectin benzoate has different toxic levels.

On whole fish, its Bio-chemical factor at 80 has a low potential.  An acute oral dose LD50 mg/kg is highly toxic on mammals and most especially rats.

The same dosage on birds at 76 is also high, but if it fishes become introduced to the LC50 mg/l, the effects are moderate.

What Are The Effects Of Emamectin Benzoate On Human Health And The Environment?

Potential human effects are likely to occur on exposure especially when users disregard protective gear.

If a worker applies Emamectin formula without resistant gloves, he or she can experience skin irritation. Prolonged exposure has adverse effects on nerve issues as well. Weight gain and loss can also occur accompanied by other impacts on the reproductive and immune is unclear whether exposure to Emamectin leads to birth defects.

However, researchers discovered minor abnormalities in the development of pups (high doses of Emamectin on female dogs).

The compound does not have skin irritants unless a user becomes exposed for lengthy periods.

On other related studies, a combination of the substance at 0.16 concentration level causes mild to adverse skin irritation.

Emamectin effects upon inhaling are unclear as well. Some studies suggest that it is highly toxic while others claim low acute toxicity. Since treated ash trees produce quality firewood, there exist concerns regarding indoor exposure upon combustion.

The arguments given do not offer enough evidence or conclusive results to suggest otherwise. They also lack supporting content implicating Emamectin ‘s impact on air through the smoke.

Ecological effects are also limited to accidental spills in water surfaces. However, records of reduced mortality among sensitive aquatic invertebrates are apparent. Studies suggest that mammals and birds are at risk if they consume parts of injected trees or infected insects (organisms that have fed on Emamectin toxins).

Where Can You Purchase Emamectin Benzoate?

Countless agrochemical companies across the world sell the material at varying prices.

At different suppliers, you are guaranteed quality and high-grade products. The organization has served the industry for ten years including exportation.

Regarding packaging, Award-winning organizations have well-trained teams that assist customers to prepare the compound for the application. Some ISO-certified insecticide manufacturer prides themselves with free drills and sample presentations for clients.

Others have competitive prices and advanced bio-enhanced products. More so, their customer service is world class with consumer-oriented services to ensure clients acquire suitable products.

Many suppliers also offer other items alongside insecticides such as herbicides and fungicides. They can include workshops, seminars, and free training for the interested parties.

Among the topics covered include agricultural activities, how to apply insecticides effectively, managing a smooth production, etc. Users can acquire chemical or organic pesticides online.

All you need is to state your requirements, and the relevant teams will work towards satisfying your needs. Whether it’s in liquid or solid form, do not hesitate to ask for a quotation. The rates offered are cost-effective and promising.

Their Emamectin benzoate comes in attractive sachets and bottles. Find all you need to know about the product at various agro-chemical corporate platforms.

You will receive answers and positive responses to your questions as well as concerns. Delivery is fast despite your location. Become part of an ever-growing industry whose aim is to protect your crops and keep your home free from infestations.




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