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        Abamectin 1.8% EC

  • 0.5%GR

  • 5%WP
  • 1.8%EC

  • 3.6%EC
  • 18g/L

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Product Name

Abamectin pesticide

Chemical Name affirm;








CAS No. 71751-41-2
Toxicity Low toxicity
Appearance Slightly yellowish powder
Water  0.2% max.
Acidity       0.15% max.
Purity  95% min.
Features 1. Stomach poison insecticides

2. Contact insecticides: Contact insecticides are toxic to insects upon direct contact.

Toxicity Test (Rat): Oral LD50 300 mg/kg. (Rabbit): Dermal LD50 >1800 mg/kg.

Moderate eye irritation, very slight primary skin irritation

Abamectin Insecticide as Your Ultimate Multipurpose Product 

As a key ingredient in various substances, Abamectin has a global reputation as an insecticide, acaricide, and anthelmintic.

The product has different trade names such as Dynamec, Abba, Avid, Affirm, Genesis Horse Wormer, and Vertimec.

You can also find it as Abathor, Zephyr, Agri-Mek and Cure 1.8 EC. However, the product is also commonly referred to as Avermectin B1 and MK-936.

Its concentration differs from one manufacturer to another.

Abamectin comes with well-illustrated guidelines and due to its highly toxic level; users must use it with caution.

You can use it for different purposes including agricultural activities and eliminating rats or cockroaches.

Reports suggest that Abamectin has an impact on human, animals and the environment as well.

It has two types of avermectins or nerve poisons produced in soil bacteria known as Streptomyces avermitilis.

On living things, the product has a slow paralyzing effect that affects an insect’s nervous system.

Avermectin’s discovery dates back to the mid-1970s while scientists were trying to identify the element in natural products.

It later became an ideal option for controlling mites and insects for various horticultural crops and agricultural activities globally.

As a popular item distributed across the globe, Abamectin has competitive prices.

A few award-winning companies have a global outreach in manufacturing and distribution like Syngenta.

As an Abamectin supplier from China, We sell high tech grade substance with the ideal formulation and concentration levels.

How Toxic is Abamectin Insecticide?

The product has two types of toxicological effects;

Acute Toxicity – Although the substance is highly toxic, approved products with this ingredient are harmless to mammals. The Emulsifiable concentrate formulation applied mild eye and skin irritation. Some of the symptoms that suggest poisoning include vomiting, convulsions and pupil dilation. Scientists discovered that Abamectin consumed in high levels can induce coma or death from respiratory failure. On insects, the ingredient it affects neural transmission and muscular coordination such that increased concentration causes tremors, excitation, and other CNS (central nervous system) effects. Laboratory tests reveal that skin absorption is not a transferable option and, therefore, Abamectin does not trigger allergic skin reactions. However, the acute lethal dose fifty tested on rats is dangerous.

Chronic Toxicity – Various lab tests reveal different results when given to a series of animals. A 0-2 mg/kg daily dose on rats for two years showed significant weight gain, but no nervous or muscular defects became observed. However, at 0.45 mg/kg a day; female rats experienced increased stillbirths and reduced lactation as well. If mammals ingest Avermectin B1, the element left the bloodstream within two days and excreted through feces.

How Does Abamectin Work?

Once it penetrated the nervous system, the avermectin within the insecticide disrupts the natural nerve-to-nerve communication towards the muscles.

The affected organism experiences paralysis whereby it stops eating and dies slowly within three to four days.

The delayed time-period allows the insect to return to other insects and spread the poison through ingestion.

What Are the Abamectin’s Physical Properties and Guideline?

The product’s chemical name is Avermectin B1a with a 1.16 at 21degrees delicious in density.

The white to yellow crystalline powder is soluble in Acetone and Isopropanol.

It is also solvent in methanol and toluene. The substance is flammable in the presence of heat or fire.

Additionally, it can cause explosions if exposed to strong oxidizers as well. Although the material does not readily ignite, it can ignite.

Users should store Abamectin away from open flame or excessive heat.

It is also advisable to avoid sparks and highly reactive oxidizers.

Manufacturers produce the material in solid and liquid form.

From various organizations, you will get a solid-based package of 25 kg fiber drum and bag.

The companies also distribute according to clients requirement.

The liquid-based bottles sell in various capacities ranging from 500ml to a 20L drum.

Where Can You Use Abamectin?

The product is widely used to control and manage insects, mites, and other destructive organisms.

You can purchase it for agricultural activities or livestock farming.

It is also a useful substance for eliminating rats or cockroaches.

Homeowners use Abamectin to eradicate fire and as well.

Farmers control infestation on fruits, vegetables, and various agronomic crops.

When applied on plants, foliage absorbs the contents that later affects an insect upon ingestion.

Is Abamectin Safe For The Environment?

Abamectin has been extensively tested and pronounced safe for the environment despite its high toxic levels.

Sources suggest that it is relatively safe for birds.

Under controlled conditions, the substance is harmless.

However, the product is a danger to bees especially after application on leaves.

It becomes safe after plants absorb the ingredient entirely.

It also degrades quickly from sun’s exposure. Like birds, Abamectin affects fishes upon direct contact, but after a few hours, it becomes harmless.

The substance is hardly soluble in water because once it comes into contact with soil, it rapidly degrades.

This prevents it from contaminating underground water.

It has a shorter life span in an aquatic environment, and although most species become unaffected, Daphnia Magna species are highly sensitive to avermectin at LC50 values.

Ideally, the product does not have severe impacts on the environment due to increased degradation in water, soil, and plant surfaces. Safety measures must however e observed by wearing protective gear, air mask, and avoid prolonged exposure to skin.

Where Can You Get Abamectin-based Product?

The product’s demand is high globally.

Therefore, you can acquire one at different veterinary and Agrochemical stores.

Specific organizations manufacture and supply high-tech grade products across the world.

Since colonial periods, dedicated firms within the industry have amassed vast knowledge on insecticides to help clients manage insects and grow plants.

They accompany services with a 24/7 online support secures satisfaction by responding to inquiries.

They handle customers’ requirements within short periods. Find more information regarding Abamectin at various online agro-chemical platforms.

They ensure quality control of products despite the destination such as ensuring that pesticide and insecticide formulations meet customer requirements.

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