How Awiner Will Take Care of Your Order?

How we work for your pesticides purchase process?

Are you looking for a new pesticide supplier? Perhaps struggling with agrochemical products? And are you unsatisfied with your current herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide supplier?

If the answer happens to be a YES, then you’ve come to the right place. When deciding on buying our pesticide products and becoming one of our business partners, you may be wondering how we go through the process of fulfilling your orders to your satisfaction.

How do we provide the best pesticide solution for you? Well, the process is quite simple and can be summed up in one statement:

Just tell us what you need, and we’ll provide the best pesticide product for you.

As a professional pesticide supplier, there are many things we put into consideration when it comes to pesticide production. This includes raw materials, labels, and pesticide packaging, amongst others.

It probably sounds a bit complicated, but truth is, there is no need for you to worry about anything. Awiner’s one-stop pesticide solution will make everything easier for you. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about how Awiner’s pesticide process works, along with the 7 steps we go through to provide you, and all our valued customers, with the best pesticide solution.

Let’s begin…

Step 1   

Order Details

Step 2   

Packaging Details

Step 3 

Custom Labelling

Step 4 

Pesticide Manufacturing

Step 5

Professional Follow-up

Step 6


Step 7

After-sales Service



Step 1   Confirmation of Order Details.

The first step you need to do when you make an order is to give us your specific order requirements.

You will need to let us know what product you need, the quantity and formulation.  After which we will be confirming your order.

Which Product


Which Formulation

Are you planning to develop a new market? If you do, we can also help by providing you with a solid marketing plan.

Are you looking to have an annual plan ? if you are, then the good news is that we also have a new pesticide purchasing process that is suitable for use during all kinds of season.

If you are a new pesticide business owner, you may have no idea as to which specific products will do well in the market. We can assist you in successfully identifying the best products to market.

At this point, we are ready to receive your order.

So, let’s keep the ball rolling…

Step 2 Packaging Details and  Design

There are more than 100  pesticide bottles and more than 50 pesticide bags for you to choose from when deciding on your packaging design.

We can provide professional suggestions for popular packaging designs for your market.

We work hand in hand with packaging factories so that we can create the perfect details such as color, material, size, and type that is specific to your request.

After package detail confirmation, we start with creating the package for you.

During this process, your package detail requirements are carefully followed.

# Awiner’s Good Pakaging

Step 3  Custom labeling

If you prefer to use your own label, bag or carton, you may do so and we will be marking these as OEM.

In case you don’t have your own label but would like to have your own pesticide brand,  all you have to do is inform us so that we request our design department to create your own private label.

In which case, you will need to verify the pesticide label within 7 days.

An example label for your reference:

Step 4  Pesticide Manufacturing

Once we reach this step, we take the driver’s seat and take care of the entire process. With our advanced automatic production line and our highly skilled workers, our production team is able to produce 10,000 formulations annually, which covers more than a hundred variety of pesticide formulas.

Preparing technical material (TC)at first.

Awiner always uses high quality materials from famous chemicals suppliers.

Striving to strictly control the quality from the source.



As you know, most of  TC cannot be used  directly.They need add adjuvants to be formulations.

In the pesticides market,there are have different levels and functions of adjuvants.

We will choose the best and suitable one for you.


According to different pesticides formulation,you will see different processing technology.

In order to easy to understand,you could  understand that we mix the TC and adjuvants all together.

As your pesticides supplier, you will seeing our strict QC system on the manufacturing process.


Finished products will be divided into the bottle or bag which we prearranged package in advance.

Automatic and semi-automatic filling helps us increase efficiency.

You will  receive cargo without any short weight. Awiner supplies for you good products.


Awiner pays much attention on quality control.You will get superior quality.

So,How we  control quality?

*1..   Before bulk production,raw material must accept inspection.

*2..   Also same inspection to pesticide adjuwants and so on.

*3..   The result of all materials inspection is qualified,then we start producing.

*4..   Use some material make some sample first.

*5..   During  manufacturing process,doing the semi-product inspection.

*6..   Finished production will do final test once time.

*7..   Compared the first sample and finished product sample's result.

*8..   Meanwhile,all the sample keep stock for two years.

*9..   You will get one copy of sample.

*10..   Packaging inspection.

*11..   For pesticides liquid formulations before delivery, it must do daozhuang in order to check the package is strong and not leakage liquid.

Step 5 Professional follow-up

Awiner is here to help you solve all your doubts, queries and issues you might face while buying pesticides.

Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help.

We will follow the whole process during production.And weekly status report updated status.

Our weekly status report ensures our clients to get the most updated status and everything is under control and on schedule.

Please remember that:

We are your eye in the factory.

We are your hand in the factory.

We are your best assistant in the process.

We focus on manufacturing role,and make best profit for you.


Step 6 Shipping

 Your pesticides will be shipped.You are in the final step of pesticides souring process.

Before delivery cargo,there will be  a product inspection.By the way, SGS inspection is welcome if you need.

You are welcome to bring in the related personnel to the process so that we could answer any of their concerns personally during the process.

#We are happy to provide shipping suggestion for you reference:

We will arrange shipping from china to your destination,through options including sea freight,air freight and air express.

#We will send you loading pictures:

#We will update your transport information :

Reminding you when the goods arrive at the port.

#We will prepare documents to help you clean customs :

All the  documents will be ready and sent to you on time.

Right now all you need to do is relax and wait for your goods coming.

Shipment finished is not the end of the order,it’s a  new start.

We will keep on  service for you.

1.Collect customer’s feedback.All of your feedback will be happy to be heard.

2.Exclusive purchase landscape of the pesticide industry,including products trend,raw material price trend….

3.New product will be provided for you without any fee.


That’s total process. Awiner provides pesticides scrouing solution for your pesticides requirments.

Over the years, Awiner has rich experience for export agrochemicals products.Basically, We give all clients an opportunity to have custom options, depending on their unique application requirements.

We  only focus on one thing:how to make your pesticides process do better.So,this is the reason why choose us as your business partner.It is easy way to save time and money.

Awiner is here for you all the time.

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