Fungicide is the pesticides that used to control plant diseases caused by various pathogenic microorganisms .

Using fungicides is a economical and effective method for controlling plant diseases.

Because of complicated technology ,the speed of the development of fungicides is slower than pesticides.

Fungicides has increasingly been recognized by the majority of farmers due to the increasingly protective effect on agriculture, and along with the modernization of China’s agriculture,the development of fungicide will accelerate.

Below is the summary of how to make fungicides get acetive effect.

1, Allocating the concentration appropriatly :

While spraying the fungicides (including SL and WP), we need to use water to diluted the fungicides to an appropriate concentration.

Different concentrations of fungicide has its own special requirements,the concentration must be strictly accordance with these instructions , can not be arbitrarily increased or reduced.

If the concentration is too high it can easily cause injury, on the contrary,if the concentration is too low, cannot protect the plants efficiently.

2, Picking the right spraying time:

In general, spraying fungicides too late or too early will affect the fungicides efficiency.

Spraying prematurely is not only wasteful, but also will reduce the efficiency. If the spraying time is too late tha plants will be badly damaged due to a large number of pathogens have invaded the host or cause disease.

Therefore, the fungicides should be used timely due to different incidence of diseases and the specific circumstance of the disease depends on different plants.

Typically fungicide treatment time should be mastered before the onset (protective medication) or early onset (preventive measures) of the plants.

How to make fungicides has more effective affect

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3, Grasping the times for spraying:

The frequency of fungicide spraying is mainly determined according to the length of lifetime drug residues and weather conditions.

Generally every 10 to 15 days spraying once, spray 2 to 3 times totals. Under special circumstances, such as in case of rain after application, should be promptly fill spray again.

4, Improving the quality of the fungicides

The quality of the fungicides, including quality and quantity of medication. The number of medication should be appropriate, too much on the one hand increases the cost of medication, on the other hand also very vulnerable to injury.

The drug can not achieve the purpose if the medication is too little. The quality of the fungicides must be tested, it requires spraying densely and evently to all over the plant including both sides of the stems and leaves.

5, Preventing injury strictly:

Fungicides cause injury for many reasons, firstly water-soluble strong medicine cause injury easily, followed by the sensitivity of different crops have different agents, such as Bordeaux mixture usually does not cause injury,but copper-sensitive crops It can also produce injury.

Beans, potatoes, cotton is sensitive to lime sulfur, which has higher chance to cause injury. Furthermore, different growth stages of crops for drug reaction is also different from the general seedling stage and booting stage.

In addition, injury and meteorological conditions such as temperature, sunlight, also have a certain relation, generally high temperature and drought, heavy fog or strong sunlight, humidity and other conditions under medication are easy to cause crop injury.How to make fungicides has more effective affect

6, Mixing the drug prudently:

Many fungicides are alkaline pesticides and cannot be mixed used with pesticides which is easily decomposed when meet alkaline substances ,such as Bordeaux mixture, lime sulfur and other alkaline and can not mix 1605, dimethoate, dichlorvos use.

otherwise it will resulting double damage. Some fungicides such as carbendazim, Beauveria bassiana etc,can not be mixed with Bordeaux mixture, lime sulfur, thiophanate fungicides, because it also cause fungicides/insecticides to lose physiological activity and insecticidal capabilities.

In addition, it might caused chemical reaction .Obviously, not all kinds of the fungicide can not be mixed with other pesticides, some kind of compounds of fungicides and pesticides has positive effect to crops.

For example, dimethoate and bactericidal acidic as Zineb or wettable sulfur or colloidal sulfur mix, not only will not affect the efficacy of the medicine, but also enhance the efficiency.

7, Avoiding drug resistance:

Use fungicide resistance problems also exist crop disease, long-term use of a single agent (mainly Fungicide), will lead to resistant pathogens, even if repeated medication does not help, or even worse.

In order to avoid the disease resistant ,it is important to use different types of agents alternately and do not long-term use of a single pesticide.

Learn how to make fungicides has more effective affect will help us save time and  protective crops.

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