Lambda-Cyhalothrin is used to control aphids pests, such as cotton aphid, aphids vegetables, fruit aphids, tobacco budworm, etc.

Below is the effiect usage for each of them :

1.Cotton aphid: Using 10% WP 10-15 grams or 2.5% EC 15 -20 ml per acre; for insects using 2.5% EC 20-30 ml of water spray per mu.

2.Vegetable oil Aphids: using 2.5% EC 3000-4000 times spray per acre, spraying 30-50 kg per mu.

3.Fruit Aphids: Using 2.5% EC spraying 4000-5000 times per acre.

4.Cotton Seedling Aphids: Using 2.5% EC 1020ml per mu, and fell by 25-35 ml per mu aphid.

5.Tobacco aphid: 2.5% EC per acre with 30-40 ml of water spray.

Applying lambda-Cyhalothrin to control aphids, need to pay attention to the safety interval of different crops.